March 19, 2010

Truth from On High ...

or rather, from Rush today (re: the horrific goings-on the nation's capitol):

"This is what happens when Republicans decide to teach Republicans a lesson."

All you third-party types, perfect-churchers, backward-looking-Bush-blamers, libertarians, etc. ... our liberty is scurrying around the capitol hiding from Nancy Pelosi as I write this!

Not a dime's worth of difference? We won't have two dimes to rub together when they are through.


Hoping the Blind Will See said...

That may be true, but look what has come about because of it! Millions upon millions of Americans are now aware of and engaged in politics and the political process. Millions are now aware of the magnitude and scope of the corruption engulfing Washington. Millions are actively engaged in a relationship with their Senators and Reps, that otherwise would not be. That never would have happened had BO not been elected. He has single-handedly affected change in America - but change much different than what he envisioned. Thank God he was elected now to wake people up, otherwise, McCain would have just led us a little slower down a similar path and no one would be the wiser.

sig94 said...

Like the old adage goes, put a frog in a pan and turn on the heat low at first - then slowly increase the heat - eventually the frog will boil, almost none the wiser. That's McCain.

But pour on the heat and the frog will jump out of the pot. That's Al-Bama.

Looks like we got tens of millions of excited frogs now hopping mad thanks to Al-Bama.

Can't say it makes me feel any better though.

Paladin said...

I can't see the rape of our constitution and continuous dismantling of our economy as "good" things - regardless of how engaged and involved conservatives have gotten as a result.

Yes I'm happy that everyone is paying more attention now - including myself. Burning down the barn to get rid of rats always seemed like the most unimaginative, short sited, and unwise plan of action imaginable though.

Texas is going to be facing a potentially hard governor's race soon, along these same lines. Our state is better off than the vast majority of the nation. There are republicans and conservative independents that I know, however, that are so unhappy that "their" republican didn't get the nomination that they'll either stay home or actually vote for the democrat.

Effing idiots.

Anonymous said...

Paladin, you are exactly right.

Sig and Hoping ... why don't we just have a few terrorist attacks then? Because that would surely draw Americans together and make us get after the jihadis?

We are not God. That's the problem with your logic. This logic got us to the brink of losing our health care industry ... plus much more. We are still in a very precarious place. But don't worry ... the illegals will have health care soon and the jihadis will have their Miranda rights read to them.

Why not fake a plane crash to get people to come to Jesus? You people have lost your ability to think.

Hoping, I take that back. You've always been an obtuse perfect-churcher. To argue that this is better than we would have gotten with McCain asks us to both know the unknowable (how history would have worked out) and also assume that God -- that's not you, by the way -- couldn't have awakened people up w/o a Marxist in the WH.

Hoping, why not elect Hugo Chavez? That would really wake people up. I mean, think about it. C'mon ... why stop there. How about Ahmadinejad? He would help America see the error of its ways.

Don't forget Election Day the first Wednesday in November.

sig94 said...

DC - you act like this is just happening. It's been going on for decades and few have been paying all that much attention. Terrorist attacks? Chavez? What a piss poor straw man. I thought you knew better than that. Guesss I was wrong. Want to go back to Dubya? Sure, big on security. Or was he? Didn't see much happening with our borders during his admin did ya? He helped the RINOs push through one of the biggest unfunded entitlements ever in Medicare drug program. He also worked with the dems to give us TARP. And you think McVain would be better in the long run? Make sure you vote on the first Tuesday in December.

Anonymous said...

Sig, it is beyond foolhardy to fault GWB at this point. But there you (and Obama's allies, incidentally) go ... meanwhile, the Demos are stealing 1/6 of the U.S. economy and worse. It will be Bush's fault, I guess. No, it will be those who allowed Obama and his crowd to get in power because we "couldn't do any worse". You can always do worse on this earth.

The point I am making is that this Obama tornado we are going through ... it may turn out okay. Our house may land in Oz and on a witch. But we don't know. We have risked much, and a lot of people allowed this to happen because "it couldn't get worse" or "let's teach them (us) a lesson." This is insanity. We have a radical in the WH and people are seriously talking about GWB? Get your head examined. And by the way, all that GWB did (from the ill-advised prescription drug benefit to his view on immigration) is exactly what he said he would do before he was elected. I didn't like his approach on these two fronts, but on most things -- terror especially -- he was very good. He was honorable and he did what he said he would do.

Nothing like this has been going on for decades. Are you kidding me? What is happening now -- the complete repudiation of the will of the American people -- is unprecedented. The Demos are buying votes, changing rules and demeaning our entire system. Bush failed on his immigration gambit (which I opposed with all my might). Sure, McCain was a lousy candidate. Sure, the Republicans blew it in many ways. So, what? This is what Obama and his ilk are arguing, by the way.

I wish we had those problems now. The nation is in peril in ways that few imagined in '08. Sure, people are awake. They usually are when they hear some one break in at night.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I heard that on Rush too DC. It was put exactly right. You people out there thinking third party are going to get your hat handed to you in the next election, thus giving the Dems a free ride to Washington.

Change the Republican party from within. If you don't get your way during the primary, then BACK that moderate Republican. There are a lot of moderate Republicans fighting for you in Washington RIGHT NOW !

Hoping the Blind Will See said...

In my opinion DC this is NOT an Obama thing. This is a PROGRESSIVE thing and has been in the works for decades. It just so happens that all the pieces were in place when Obama got elected, and he embraces and spews the progressive ideology wholeheartedly. He was the perfect pawn for the progressive movement!

I'm not for Obama's ideology, and I wasn't for McCains. There are too many progressives hiding in Congress on both sides of the aisle, institutions of higher learning, and the media! Somewhere along the line, a stand had to be taken. It was inevitable. Having it thrust upon us, in my opinion, was the best thing that could have happened. No one was watching before. Now everyone is watching. It may not be the perfect scenario, I'll grant you that. And I don't think things will work out well for us in the short run - I think there is serious pain coming our way. But I rather have it now, while we still have the opportunity to stop the decay, than to never have it and lose the Republic - because that's where the Progressives have been looking to take us for decades and decades. Keep up the fight! We may not totally agree, but we both want to salvage the Republic!

Arby said...

It is good to support the Republicans during this health care battle. It is good to support them in this current fight over the future of our nation. But there have been Democrats and Republicans controlling Congress and the White House for decades. What has it gotten us? Our country borrows money and borrows money and borrows money and borrows money and spends that borrowed money on everything and anything under the sun. For decades. Politicians from both parties have brought home borrowed money to their districts and have asked for and received political favors for a wide range of issues for decades, all the while pointing fingers at the other side and saying, “Shame on you!” During these decades all the clamor about Republicans being for smaller government and lower taxes has not given us smaller government and lower taxes. During the past decade, where we’ve enjoyed a brief respite from higher taxes, our country has spent like drunken sailors. The Republicans are currently making great headlines about fighting for America because the Republicans are very, very good at being the minority party, but they cannot rule effectively as the majority party. They have not been able to bring the Republican vision of smaller government and lower taxes to fruition. But damn, they sure can spend our borrowed money. Still, we are being lectured to keep on supporting those Republicans. Why? We keep getting told that this must remain a two party country. Why? So we can have more of this decades-long status quo? This isn’t a situation where we need to choose one party over the other. Neither party is good for this nation. The Republicans are not the solution to our country’s problems. They are a part of the problem. Screw Rush Limbaugh.

Anonymous said...

Arby, well, we're screwed b/c it looks like Nancy Pelosi has the votes.

Agreed there have been Republican excesses and failures. But the measuring stick is not perfection. The measuring stick is what happens when the Demos are in control. And now we see it ... complete, out-in-the-open corruption, ignoring the overwhelming view of the populace (the Republicans didn't do this, but the Demos are), nationalizing the car companies, banks, and now health care. Plus, there are the rights for terrorists, etc.

You are getting what you want -- Republican defeat. So, we'll see the consequences now for generations. Congratulations.

sig94 said...

DC - the measuring stick is only used when the Dems are in control? When RINO's ruled there was plenty of mischief afoot, it was just a matter of how fast would the bus go over the cliff.

You're saving McVain would be our savior? That "Hands Across The Aisle" moron? The country club Republicans defeated themselves. Compassionate conservatism can be written as the cause of death for the GOP. The GOP held the lantern while the Dems dug our grave.

Only now are Repubs really raising a fuss and that's because Americans have truly had enough crap from both parties. The Repubs are just joining the parade, late as usual. Most of the GOP ain't worth the powder to blow them to Hell.

Anonymous said...

No, not McVain. But the same conservative Republicans who stopped Bush on immigration would control McCain. And you know that we wouldn't have this debacle we currently have. It's an abomination. Keep blaming the people who voted against this crap. It's insane.

Three or four more Republicans in the House and we would have stopped this. Good thinking to run them out.