October 4, 2015

Another Media Blackout

From the Conservative Tribune:
In the hours after a deranged man killed nine people and injured others at Oregon’s Umpqua Community College, a vast segment of the mainstream media immediately attacked guns, Republicans, conservatives and the National Rifle Association.

As usual, President Barack Obama danced on the graves of the deceased in an attempt to push his gun control agenda, just like he’s done after every mass shooting. It was truly a disgusting display.

Conservative Hollywood actor James Woods pointed out another interesting media omission that should be at the forefront of the story — the fact that the media forgot to emphasize that the shooter asked nearly every victim what religion they were. According to eyewitness reports, answering “Christian” was a death sentence.

Woods took to his Twitter account not long after the shooting and made a prediction that ended up being a massive truth bomb. “If it is determined that the Oregon shooter targeted Christians specifically, that’s the last we will hear of it on MSM,” Woods wrote.

The next day, he was proven right, when he called out The New York Times for leaving out the part about Christians dying.

“NY Times writes a front page story about a hate massacre targeting Christians without using the word ‘Christians.'” Woods posted on Twitter.

Not long after witnesses described the chilling motive of the shooter, all but a few mainstream outlets reported every tiny detail about the shooting that they knew of … except for the whole Christian part.

One only has to look at a recent mass shooting case to see the media’s true motivation. Within hours after the Charleston, South Carolina, church shooting, the white killer was immediately linked to the KKK and other hate groups. It was the first part of most of the headlines over the following days and weeks.

And let’s be completely honest, if the killer were white and specifically targeted Muslims or other “protected” religions and ethnicities, we wouldn’t hear the end of it.

But Christians? Nah, no big deal, right?

Good Choice

From my wife's Facebook page:

On Oct.4th 1981 (34 years ago) Jim got on his knee and officially asked me to marry him!! It was at an anniversary party for the Sterio's Landmark Restaurant downtown. He did this in front of many people including my parents and friends!! Do I look happy or what??!!
One of the best decisions I ever made.

The Letter

Clean Up, Throw Out

Got back early from LI. Two days of loading a rental truck in a downpour was fun. My mom is a pack rat. We couldn't believe all the boxes and cans and packages and bags and containers and plastic bins she had. We donated loads and loads of stuff  to good will type organizations and just as much to the dumpster. We cleaned the condo real good and hope to close by the end of the year. One good thing, there were two potential buyers and they bid the price up over what we had the property listed for. Mom will get an additional ten grand.

My sister and her husband took what we could fit on the truck back to Maryland. Mom is in an efficiency apartment at the assisted living center and there is no way that all this crap will fit. My sister will have to store a lot of this in her garage. My BIL and I are both in our late sixties. Clearing out the contents of an apartment was no picnic. We both agreed that a career change into the exciting moving industry business was out of the question. I loaded up on Aleve™ in memory of the trip.

My wife and I are now filled with motivation to get rid of all the useless crap we have. No way we want to saddle our kids with that when the time comes.

Seriously. Our oldest has been married for twenty years and we still have some of her stuff. My in-laws have been gone for some time and we still have some of their stuff squirreled away in the basement. I still have a few boxes from when I moved out of my Bachelor Palace back in 1981 that remain unopened.

I started to clean out years ago but I got to get back into it. A few garage sales helped but they weren't enough.  A few bags at a time for the refuse pickup will certainly help. I 'll need a hand for the old construction materials. - got probably at least a half ton of cast iron baseboard heaters in the basement that I can get a few bucks for at the salvage yard. I have at least twenty of these four foot hot water heaters that go fifty pounds a piece if they weigh an ounce. I took them out when I refinished the first basement and was going to use them in the second basement - the house is built into the side of a hill, it looks like a one story ranch in the front and is three and a half stories tall in the back. Ergo, two basements. Full of crap.

We leave on another trip on Thursday, this time to southern Maryland. The hurricane should be well out of the picture by then so maybe we'll see sunny skies on the way. I haven't seen Mom since February so we'll have a nice visit. One of my nieces is also driving down from Queens to see her Nana so that'll be a real treat also.

I was hoping my oldest daughter and her two daughters could make the trip also, but I just found out that one of her husband's oldest and closest friends is now missing. My SIL, my grandson and JR went hunting yesterday near Inlet, NY, and JR never returned to the truck when it started to get dark. The State Police are now involved; JR is in his fifties and I fear for the worst.

October 1, 2015

Busy Busy

Gonna be back and forth on the road a bit for the next few weeks taking care of family business in Long Island and Maryland. My  mom had to be placed in an assisted living residence and we're trying to sell her home, so I'll be hit or miss for a while...  Got some tunes lined up tho.

Going Out Of My Head Medley

September 30, 2015

Impartial And Stupid

I no longer watch TV shows, stopped years - no - decades ago. They're mostly written by idiots for idiots. They're not funny, informative or inspirational. In particular I don't watch police shows. I hate to see piss poor procedures passed off as bravery and I am appalled by the lack of judgement and display of uncontrolled emotion. Just do your job and shut up; if it bothers you that much, get a low stress job corralling shopping carts.

But what is really getting out of hand is the number of idiots who think that what they see on television is the way things are done. It has impacted the criminal justice system in ways that I never thought possible. I was a NYS certified evidence technician for almost seven years and worked in a crime lab for a spell. I have investigated and documented just about every kind of crime imaginable with concomitant court appearances. What you see on programs like CSI is entertainment, not reality, but some people just don't get it.

From the NY Post:
The suspect was caught two blocks from the scene. The gun was inside his backpack. Multiple witnesses identified the shooter who tried to kill a man on a Brooklyn street.

It was an open and shut case — until it got to the jury.

“We caught the guy dead to rights, and the jury said, ‘Why didn’t you guys do DNA?’ ” recalled the former assistant district attorney who handled the case.

That testing for DNA is rare, time-consuming and expensive, particularly in such a straightforward investigation, didn’t register with those sitting in judgement. The man was acquitted of attempted murder, and even gun possession.

“It’s not a whodunit. We caught him with the gun, with the same outfit. Multiple witnesses said, ‘That’s him,’ ” the frustrated attorney said. “Everybody expects there should be DNA on everything. Everybody expects that we have this super lab somewhere that does all this stuff.”
It's not that we don't use DNA analysis, we do. We solve cases that are decades old using this wonderful technology. But it is used when necessary to strengthen a case as needed, not as a standard operating procedure for every case.
“Jurors know more about the types of testing that in theory, can be done, but they certainly don’t know when it’s appropriate to use those types of tests,” said former Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Jordan Arnold, now of the investigative firm K2 Intelligence.

“Has it taken us from this place where jurors expect more than proof beyond a reasonable doubt, and instead, demand proof beyond any doubt?”
We just had a case last week where the jury ignored the defendant's admission of guilt in a gun case because of some ill-conceived notion. The ADA was beside himself. He tried to interview the jury afterwards but they literally ran out of the courthouse to avoid being confronted for their decision to acquit.

And you'd better believe that defense attorneys are very much aware of this situation and in some cases counseling their clients to go to trial because of it.


September 28, 2015

Saudi Stampede Presents Clean Up Challenge

Almost 800 pilgrims were killed during a Muslim stampede on The Hajji Trail in Meccatown. Those varmints spook real easy and no one is sure if it were lightning or coyotes that started the whole shebang. Nosirree, them pilgrims - about two million of 'em - just went hog wild a-whoopin' and a-hollarin'. Such goings on, quite the mess.

Leastways once the herd settled down the Saudi ranch hands knew how to round up those strays and set everything straight in a hurry. And you best believe that Caterpillar sold them nothing but halal pay loaders for such occasions.

Nothing works like a Cat and nothing beats the Caterpillar Corporation motto:

"Earthmoving solutions for today's challenges."