March 25, 2011

You're Not A Wartime President, Barry

There are currently three active theaters where American GI's are in harm's way. Two of these actions were authorized by Congress under a prior administration and there is no authorization for the military action in Libya. He diddled and farted around for weeks while the pot boiled; now it's even more of a mess as the coalition souffle appears to be going flat.

And America doesn't like it:

A new Reuters/IPSOS poll released today reveals a striking lack of public confidence in President Obama’s ability as Commander-in-Chief, with just 17 percent of Americans describing his leadership as “strong and decisive”, compared to 36 percent who believe it is “indecisive and dithering”. This should come as no surprise as the Obama administration floundered for several weeks before even committing to international efforts to rein in Colonel Gaddafi.

This reminds me of Michael's Corleone's words to Tom Hagan in "The Godfather." Hagen asks why he is "out" and he is told: "You're not a wartime consigliere, Tom."

Obama, you are a terrible President and you're even worse as a wartime President.

Obama, 2012 ... you're out. Go peddle your ass elsewhere.


Anonymous said...

President Putz.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Hussein makes so many people around the world suffer in so many different ways it makes one wonder why he has any support?

The 'One' surely does work in mysterious ways.

sig94 said...

Zio- Pope Putz, Sacred Society of the Hopelessly Clueless and his High Priestess, Putzilla, Our Lady of the Perpetual Grim Facade.

sig94 said...

Chris - after his first whirlwind tour to universal acclaim, he has virtually no one left to love him. Even after bowing and scraping to every heathen wog he could find and then groping the Queen of England, he is ridiculed and held in contempt by those who formerly sang his praises.

Kid said...

Sig, that's a good point. When "everyone" loves you as you are inaugurated, you have no where to go but down. Especially if you're the imbecile 'teleprompter reader who is too arrogant to hire anyone smarter than your dumbass' obama.

sig94 said...

Kid - it was perhaps inevitable that there was no where else but to go down for Mr. Barack. But he used deceit and fraud to get where he is now.

He was an actor, and when it became time to perform, there was no skill to support the hype. There's no support for all the expectations, just hype and more hype. The American voters are idiots.

Kid said...

Sig, that sums it up very well.
And yes, the more hype, the less reality.