April 21, 2011

The Death of Magna Carta in the UK

Yes, folks - she did die in vain.

This interview with Lord Monckton is one of the best I've heard for a long time. Monckton explains clearly how the EU works, details the shocking treatment of Jason McGoldrick under the European Arrest Warrant and also talks about AGW.

I thought it might be interesting to you because comparisons are also drawn between the US federal system and the working of the EU; you can see how things are coming together for the nwo in this age of ' corporatist globalisation'. Set aside forty minutes or so to watch it - it's well worth it. Oh, and pass it round to all your friends.

European Arrest Warrant


Anonymous said...

I keep waiting for the British public to negotiate their way through this evil EU smokescreen. I wait and I wait.

Anonymous said...

I'd be more inspired if I were to see the UK citizenry care more about these developments than I do. I am pessimistic.

McGonagall said...

He's standing to become an MSP in the "so called" Scottish parliament??? What a dolt. UKIP is a marginal English party with limited support within the English expat community in Scotland (and England). His assertion that the SNP has some control over the British media is ludicrous. Try googling "SNP accused" and see how many hits you get. Then do the same for the major unionist parties. This simple exercise exposes the ongoing campaign by the MSM to discredit the SNP.

I agree with his views on the EU but his understanding of Scottish politics is woeful. For example his diatribe against renewable energy in the form of windmills while accurate fails to understand that Scotland is self sufficient in energy production and, in fact, exports all of its nuclear generated electricity to England. The development of alternative renewable energy sources in Scotland, at this stage, is about replacing nuclear as this is surplus to Scottish baseload requirements.

His views on the "left" again fails to grasp that Scots are culturally and biologically inclined towards socialism. To understand this better he should read this:

Moreover, his belief that a cold winter disproves climate change theory is totally wrong. He should consider the impact of a melting ice cap on the North Atlantic Drift and the consequences of this for Northern European weather.

If he confined himself to addressing the EUSSR I'd have more time for him. As it is ...

Goodnight Vienna said...

Come on McG - play fair and at least tell us that you're an ex-pat now living in Canada. Who are you blaming for that? The English?

I don't know how many years you've been away but give us some leeway here. At least we're still here to do the best we can. You sound like you're sniping from the sidelines and, tbh, I wouldn't have believed that of you, having followed your blogs since scunnert days. No wonder you've changed your name to Andy Murray.

UKIP may be a joke, Monckton may be a joke but if they fail in elections we have nothing to fall back upon except ourselves and violence. Can't you understand why so many people are voting for and willing UKIP to succeed no matter what?

Your blinkered views about Scotland -v- England & the Battle of Culloden do nothing to help find a way forward in today's world.

McGonagall said...

GV - you've cut me to the quick. The English are my kith and kin and I wish them well. I have no blinkered views about England and hold no anachronistic grudges from perceived injustices in ancient times. I grieve for England. Indeed, if I were in England I would vote UKIP as the only chance the country has. I don't view the party as a joke and think Nigel Farage one of the ablest politicians ever to have come out of England.

No, I was put off by this fella Monkton's rather snide and uneducated remarks regarding Scotland. Describing the SNP as Communist is laughable. Then to go on and say: "...the, so called environment, so called minister, in the, so called Scottish. so called Parliament..." while announcing his candidacy for that parliament? Not the best way to make friends and win votes north of the border I would have thought.

No, it wasn't the English that drove me to Canada but my mother who is a Canadian. I came here as a teenager with my family as my mother wanted to return. My family have now been traveling back and forth between Scotland and Canada for almost 100 years. Some of us were born in Scotland some in Canada. My youngest daughter still lives in Glasgow.

I don't know the reason my real name now appears on your blog as it was your blog that made the decision for me - giving me no choice in the matter.

I hope this clears up any misunderstandings.

Goodnight Vienna said...

I do take your point, McG, and I'm sorry. I've said, elsewhere, that the i/view was ott in some places though overall very sound. My point was that we have to look beyond Scotland's issues and the SNP.

As for your name change - it's probably best to log in as something different; Disqus does have choices.

You're one of the last people I'd wish to upset because I've 'virtually' known you since early 2009 - I apologise for misinterpreting your comment as an attack on the English per se.

Gorges Smythe said...

Face it gentlemen, the AVERAGE Englishman is as stupid as the AVERAGE American and they BOTH deserve exactly what they're getting!

McGonagall said...

I'm not the tennis player.