April 2, 2011

Weekend Tunes From The 70's

Their 1976 album, "Taking It To The Streets," was the first time Mike MacDonald sang with the Doobie Brothers. He took the band in a new direction, more jazz than rock. My favorite Doobie songs feature MacDonald as the lead singer. This is one of my favorites.

The next year, 1977, saw the Doobies produce another album, "Living On The Fault Line," which featured a song written by Mike MacDonald and Carly Simon. I liked Carly's arrangement better (I like wailing sax) so I included this instead of the Doobies version.


Teresa said...

I enjoyed listening to the music. Thanks for posting.

sig94 said...

Teresa - the music of our lives. Better than the annoying crap we hear now.

Anonymous said...