August 9, 2011

British Parliament Recalled

Cameron has just announced that Parliament will be recalled on Thursday so it can debate the riots.

Apologists for the riots are still looking for what they call "the root causes"; everything from closure of youth clubs, libraries and the changes to the Educational Maintenance Allowance have been blamed. I say it's government policies, lack of parental discipline, lousy state education and a failing judiciary. By rights the government should resign and there should be a General Election but there's no point, Labour would only be voted back in to continue the failed policies. Voters don't seem to have the courage to look outside the Big 3 LibLabCon con, which is a shame. Real change, a good change, could come to this country if the smaller Parties could get their acts together and attract more votes.

These nasty little criminals are filling police cells to overflowing, so much so that they're being shared out to other forces before they're put in front of a judge and slapped on their wrists.  Homes and businesses have been burned out; people made homeless and jobless; a 60yr old woman woke to find her front door staved in and a looter standing in her bedroom; passers-by have had the clothes taken from their backs.  Yes, I'm sure it's all down to withdrawal of the EMA.

From the window I can see smoke still rising from the south-east - somewhere towards Stoke Newington/Tottenham way - and sirens are wailing again.  Theresa May has emerged to say that the cuts in police numbers have little to do with it; Ken Livingstone made political capital by implying that they wouldn't have happened if he had been Mayor and the BBC continue to link events to the death of Mark Duggan, drug dealer and man-about-town who carried a gun.

One anonymous policeman phoned into LBC this morning.  He said that 80-90% of the rioters were black.  He also said that a Sikh colleague of his who wore a turban with his uniform was greeted by members of the Hindu/Sikh community with a smile and a wave whereas he, a black officer, was spat at and derided by black youths.  Digest that.

Ken Clarke's been quiet.  Perhaps he's reading up on the Civil Contingencies Act or on the phone to N.Ireland arranging for the water cannons.  Whatever the outcome of Thursday's debate in Parliament England will be the worse for it as more restrictions are imposed on the majority because of the action of the minority.  Once again: These are our streets., not theirs.  Well done to the hundred or so Turkish men with baseball bats who apparently chased rioters down Stoke Newington High Street last night.

The scenes have been incredibly saddening and shocking to see.  The parents of these moronic scumbags should be ashamed of themselves for raising children who have no sense of morality and they should be frogmarching them and their stolen loot to the nearest police station this morning.  The State, the apparatus of government, should also be ashamed, but it won't be, it will just introduce more repressive measures and increase its stranglehold while continuing to mouth platitudes, as Cameron and May did this morning.

My poor, beautiful old England, sold out for perks, honours, cash and a glittering career in politics.

Mr Biber, surveys the damage to his barber shop.

England hotspots

UPDATE(s): The other side of England

(1) Pic: Tea and riot shields
(2) Pic: Sweeping them off the streets
(3) Clean-up time


Andy said...

Prayers for John Bull and our cousins across the water. Too, I hope London Metro hits this full on. This isn't a job for a polite Bobby but for someone who will crack some skulls. The only thing these yobs understand is brute force.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Time to start knocking heads, youth and parents alike.

Anonymous said...

The biggest problems are the EU and the UK's policy of open immigration. Add in a soupcon of far-spread unemployment and the hint of cutting entitlements.

Anonymous said...

It's heartbreaking!

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

This is what "political correctness" and "class warfare" breeds.

Have no doubt it will reach our shores but I will not respond with a baseball bat, as unlike the U.K. I have the 2nd Amendment.

Doom said...

Well, the problem is immigration and pretty much the outlawing of self-defense. Well, and everything else. Is England lost? I mean that. They don't have a political party with a shot even suggesting anything like real change that could help.

We have California, New York (and City), Illinois, and a lot of failed big cities (all dieing, census wise), and of course the federal government on the wrong side. But we have Texas, Utah, Idaho, Florida now, and others, and the probability of a massive change this next election (after a massive one last election). We have people with answers (though mostly the Tea Party part of that coalition). They have nothing. They don't even have God anymore, for their people's part. Sad. Yeah, okay... *shrug*

Anonymous said...

Doomster... They also have an activist media pushing the socialist agenda. We have - well, never mind.

sig94 said...

Is this a harbringer of what will happen in America as the economy tanks? Our cities are already jungles. Philadelphia is a nightmare. Flash mobs bent on raising hell can form in minutes and dissolve just as fat.

This is all clearing the way for frightened citizens to vote away our rights for the promise of safety and security. I'd rather provide my own courtesy of the Founding Fathers and the 2nd Amendment.

sig94 said...

Fire some warning shots into the foreheads of a few dozen rioters and you'd see the streets quiet down in a big hurry.

massive attack said...

In context with the complicit support of the government, the banks looted the nation’s wealth while destroying countless small businesses and brought the whole economy to its knees in a covert, clean manner, rather like organised crime.

Our reaction was to march and wave banners and then bail them out. These kids would have to riot and steal every night for a year to run up a bill equivalent to the value of non-paid tax big business has ‘avoided’ out of the economy this year alone.

They may not articulate their grievances like the politicians that condemn them but this is absolutely political. As for the ‘mindless violence’… is there anything more mindless than the British taxpayer quietly paying back the debts of others while contributing bullets to conflicts that we have absolutely no understanding of?

It’s mad, sad and scary when we have to take to the streets to defend our homes and businesses from angry thieving kids, but where are the police and what justice is ever done when the mob is dressed in pin stripe.