August 4, 2011

Chock Full O'Fools

If New York had a screen door the sound of it opening and banging shut would drive half the State insane. New York is Arizona in reverse - Pennsylvania may station troopers at the border to stop fleeing NY residents from heading south.

From the NY Post:
Taxed-out New Yorkers are voting with their feet, with a staggering 1.6 million residents fleeing the state over the last decade, a new report found.

That's as if the entire populations of Buffalo, Rochester, Yonkers, White Plains and West Babylon combined had packed up and left.

For the second consecutive decade, New York led the nation in the percentage of residents leaving for other states, according to the report by the Empire Center for State Policy.

The population loss is "the ultimate barometer of New York's attractiveness as a place to work, live and do business," said the report's co-author, E.J. McMahon. "It's the ultimate indication that we've been doing things wrong."
This is reminiscent of mass migrations of artic caribou, swallows to Capistrano and Berliners manifesting their displeasure with the communist government of East Germany.
Most analysts blamed New York's high taxes and skyrocketing cost of living for the mass exodus.

The Tax Foundation ranked New York highest in the nation in the combined state and local tax burden in 2008. And as small-business lobbyist Mike Durant noted, New York has also "consistently ranked worst or in the top three worst in business climate.

"You can't suck every penny out of people and expect them to remain in New York," added Durant, New York state director of the National Federation of Independent Business.

Since 1960, New York has lost 7.3 million residents to other states -- a net loss of 2.5 million people after adding in an influx of 4.8 million new immigrants, the study found.

Even counting the state's high influx of immigrants, New York still suffered a bigger net loss than all but three other states during the last decade, according to the analysis of 2010 Census data by the fiscally conservative think tank.
Where fools reign, the people suffer.
NY State government is Chock Full O'Fools and millions of people have had enough. I write this as I have just about had it also. I just left North Carolina where we stayed with a friend who has a home worth nearly a million dollars. He pays about $2,200 a year in property taxes. My home in upstate NY is worth far, far less and I pay nearly double that. If I could get a job there, I'd move in a heartbeat.


banned said...

Same story in London whose population flight to the provinces is only masked by rapid inward migration from overseas which allows The Authorities to pretend that nothing is happening, until you look out of the window or see a crowd scene on the news.

sig94 said...

Banned - and it's not that politicians are unaware of what's happening, they just don't care because they are invested in the current mess.

Kid said...

If we can keep some capitalist states going, We might just win by abandoning their parasitic havens.

Kenneth Tso said...

but... I love New York :(

fuzzys dad said...

Silly Liberals paychecks are for workers not loafers.

SkiTheStars said...

So where is the cartoon here that you posted in CABPRO? And fuzzys dad is right, liberals are workers, and their paychecks belong to them.

Doom said...

Get out! Find a way. I am half dead, or more if you really think about it, and I found myself half way across the country. I may not have needed to find a job, but I did have to find housing, several times, storage for my old junk until I could buy a house, bought a home (by the skin of my teeth), and am figuring out a whole new life, breathing free air, and not worried about having to defend myself (which I am still exceptionally good at, but in some states and cities it is nearly illegal). Plus, the people hereabouts? I don't have to worry about defending from them. Kind people, and not the kind you want to throw sh*t at.

Damn nice, I'll tell you. Idaho, Texas, Arizona (or parts of it), Utah, and others. N.C.? No way, they are going to become NY. Libtard place. Better than NY? Why not go for just plain better all around. Look at states, talk to people you know, look at the laws, then start sending out job feelers or such. Just... leave the mud of NY in NY. I'm still working on ridding the liberal created grime, but it's working.

Stop settling for what someone will give you. Go for what your heart and mind know to be true and right. Well, that's my $2.50 worth. I just couldn't stop at 2 cents, sorry.

Quite Rightly said...

If only residents of NY State could enjoy the same protections lavished on polar bears. . . .

SkiTheStars said...

Over in Pelline's blog, John Stoos says:



Sometimes leading can be tough when you face difficult problems: Just like that parent who has to make the child take their medicine. Pretending they are not sick and giving them ice cream would certainly go over better and get a better approval rating, but it would not be good for the child in the end.

Our nation needs some tough medicine right now and we don’t have many in Washington DC willing to be responsible parents.


So, at least one part of the Tea Party Nation says, take your bitter medicine and stop whining.

sig94 said...

Doom - when you're on your own it is very different. I still have two of my children living with me and I want to remain fairly close to my grandkids. Moving to another state where you don't know a soul can be exhilerating when you're young, but when you're in your sixth decade as I and in the midst of a severe depression it can be difficult. Needless to say, my wife and I are still looking.

I admire your spunk but as you say, you didn't need to find work. I still do.

sig94 said...

Kid - As long as those parasitic havens are full of parasites that the politicians cater to, we will all pay to support those havens. And that pisses me off to no end.

The country was in relatively pretty good shape until so many people found out that they can make it through life by demanding money from others.

sig94 said...

Ken - I love NY also - it is a beautiful state (except for the long winters). But it has been ruined.

sig94 said...

FuzzyD - there's silly and then there is ignorant and finally there is evil.

sig94 said...

QR - even polar bears know when to defend themselves and can do so viciously and without mercy. Too bad more NYer's weren't like bears.

sig94 said...


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

The Libs think everyone will sit still and take it ... guess again Libs.

Doom said...

Fair enough. However, it was anything but exhilarating and I am no spring chicken. I moved into a strange land with a very different people.

I will keep you in my prayers. And, yes, I do understand. Honestly? I would rather be 'stuck' in NY with a family and grandkids then free as a lark. So, you have that.

sig94 said...

Doom - Strange land... Oh noes! You're not in Providence, RI, are you?