September 26, 2011

The Family Of Officer MacPhail Finally Obtains Closure

Big Fur Hat lays some wood on the usual suspects protesting the execution of Troy Davis in Georgia last week for the 1989 shooting death of an off duty police officer.

There were a couple of Davis’ fellow thugs who tried to massage their testimony 20 years later and were exposed by questioning to be fabricating new “facts.” The lies were exposed by prosecutors. When Davis had his hearing to appeal for a new trial, these “recanters” were never called to the stand by Davis.

Furthermore, a witness can only recant ON THE STAND. None of them ever did. So, there were no recantations.

Further still, bloody clothing found in the washer at the Davis home was thrown out of court for improper search warrants. So, even though it wasn’t used in court Davis was convicted anyway. The bloody shorts can be used in the court of public opinion. This is damning evidence to satiate the troubled mind.

The way these Davis apologists frame their argument makes it sound as if this was a case of mistaken identity, as if Davis was a guy that had nothing to do with this fatal shooting of Officer MacPhail. That is not the case. The part these advocates leave out is that the only “fogginess” that the defense has cobbled together is whether the shooter was Davis or his friend Coles. The defense tries to pin the murder solely on Coles. But CREDIBLE eyewitness say the shooter was wearing a white tee shirt with print on the front. (It was a Batman tee shirt.) Among these eyewitnesses, that were only a few feet from the murder, were three U.S. airmen.
Police Officer Mark MacPhail - murdered by Troy Davis


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

It only took twenty years? Georgia, shame on you.

WoFat said...

Having jerk-offs call a witness day after day and harass him doesn't result in truthful "change of testimony."

sig94 said...

Odie - that's why it is called capital punishment and not capital deterence. It needs to be administered much more swiftly.

sig94 said...

I don't know the particulars of this incident all that well, but I can tell you that some witnesses aren't worth the powder to blow them to kingdom come. The suspects/perpetrators of today are the victims/witnesses of tomorrow. The CJ system is quite overtaken with these lying idiots recanting at the last minute or trying to hide them when the suspect's friends come calling to change their minds.