February 16, 2012

Now He Huffs Reddi-Wip

I gotta admit, for an old stoner he doesn't look bad. Better than most in fact.

From the UK Telegraph:
Sir Paul McCartney 'gives up cannabis for daughter Beatrice'
Paul McCartney has given his hippy roots a shake with a pledge to give up smoking cannabis for the sake of his eight-year-old daughter Beatrice.

“I smoked my share. When you’re bringing up a youngster, your sense of responsibility does kick in, if you’re lucky, at some point,” he said in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine. “Enough’s enough – you just don’t seem to think it’s necessary.”

[...]In the magazine interview Sir Paul admitted to smoking cannabis "a lot" and has previously declared a passion for "wacky baccy". Heather Mills, the mother of Beatrice, claimed Sir Paul smoked marijuana as often as most people drink cups of tea during the couple's divorce proceedings.

He didn’t explain why he hadn’t given up cannabis for his other four children.
Couldn't. Too busy smoking dope, snorting coke, shooting heroin and wigging out on acid. A man can only do so much with the time he has, ya know?
Bob Dylan introduced Sir Paul to marijuana in the mid-Sixties after discovering the Beatle was a “pot virgin”. Following the introduction, Sir Paul became a prolific drug user – more so than fellow band member John Lennon – experimenting with heroin, LSD and cocaine.

Some of the Beatles hit songs were believed to have been inspired by drugs, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds perhaps being the most poignant; a song banned by the BBC because of its suggested undertones.

McCartney has been arrested several times for his use of drugs. In 1972 he was arrested in Scotland and Sweden for possessing cannabis and in 1980 he was deported from Japan after half a pound of the drug was found stashed in his luggage.
I'm kind of surprised he's still alive.


Kid said...

Ah, drugs are no big deal. At least I don't remember them being a big deal. There's a lot I don't remember actually.

Know any late night all you can eat joints around here?

Anyway, that would partially explain his love for oblabber.

sig94 said...

Kid - I wonder if Mooshell ever made the same kind of decision ... to stop eating fudge and gravy soaked, nacho french fries in front of their children?

Kid said...

The answer is NO.

She explained it to their kids this way....

'We don't have to be subject to these BS rules, we are the president"

sig94 said...

Kid - spoken like the true dim Dem she is.