April 3, 2012

Obama's Inner Thug

Obama, your inner thug is showing.

In language that barely concealed a threat, the President has warned the United States Supreme Court not to perform a constitutional mandate.
I think the American people understand and I think the justices should understand that, in the absence of an individual mandate, you cannot have a mechanism to ensure that people with preexisting conditions can actually get health care.  So there's not only an economic element to this and a legal element to this, but there's a human element to this.

And I hope that's not forgotten in this political debate.

I'm confident that the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress.
Now you know why his records, everything he has ever written at Harvard Law School, are sealed. The man is a Constitutional idiot as well as a thug. What is Obama going to do? Break Scalia's legs?

Obama was an alleged constitutional law professor; he taught on the subject and he is so wrong on so many levels in the statement he made yesterday. We simply have got to take a long, hard look at his law school records to see just what kind of constitutional lawyer he says he is.

First of all, the US Supreme Court is involved in a Constitutional debate regarding the issue of wether or not the federal government can force a citizen to purchase a service. This is not a political debate. That's why it is taking place in the highest court in the land and not in a locker room or neighborhood tavern.

Second, since 1789, the US Supreme Court has overturned over 150 laws passed by Congress. According to the GPO (Government Printing Office):
From 1789-2002 There Have Been 158 Acts of Congress Held as Unconstitutional
Today in response:
(CBS News) In the escalating battle between the administration and the judiciary, a federal appeals court apparently is calling the president's bluff -- ordering the Justice Department to answer by Thursday whether the Obama Administration believes that the courts have the right to strike down a federal law, according to a lawyer who was in the courtroom.

The order, by a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit, appears to be in direct response to the president's comments yesterday about the Supreme Court's review of the health care law. Mr. Obama all but threw down the gauntlet with the justices, saying he was "confident" the Court would not "take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress."
Will someone please give this idiot in the White House a Marbury vs. Madison enema?


Kid said...

I can't even print on this site what I think about this evil imbecile.

sig94 said...

Kid - I have to exercisea lot of self discipline myself. Contempt is far too polite a word.

Fradgan said...

I too will mask my thoughts. They most certainly are watching.

Andy said...

If we could assume that there is no malice or ill-will towards our Constitution or other governing mechanisms of the Republic, this man is showing a profound lack of knowledge or understanding. I mean for pete's sake, these were concepts we'd already masted by jr. high.
Sadly, with his serial contempt for all things American/Western, I can't make that assumption. Remember in November!

moflicky said...

Be careful what you ask for. If the SCOTUS strikes down all or part of the law then that opens up the opportunity for the single payer option.

If Republicans are so opposed to the mandate, why did they introduce their own health care reform bill in 1993 that had basically the same mandate (Health Equity Access Reform act)? Obama was actually opposed to the individual mandate but accepted it as a compromise to get some form of health care bill passed. Was this all some kind of silly chess game for the GOP, or do they really care about health care?

sig94 said...

Fradgan - you never know.

sig94 said...

Andy - there is malice and incompetence afoot here.

sig94 said...

moflicky - the point here is not whether not one side or the other originated this cluster. The individual mandate is wrong if it were Republicans or Dems who came up with it. The point for this post is Obama's incredible statements in view of his position of power and alleged former training as a constitutional law professor.

WoFat said...

obama didn't mean what he said. He meant something totally different, exactly opposite from what he said. Say what?

sig94 said...

WoFat - exactly.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Again .... I guess it's happening to everyone. You and Nickie might need to delete the other blog. It seems to only be affecting blogrolls. Below is my original comment.

I've (or you) gotta problem. I noticed your blog is no longer listed on my sidebar. In its place is a one post goombanewsnetwork with a book case background. I try to reset this blog on the sidebar but the other keeps coming up. Is anyone else having this problem? Your Logo link is still working, but for some reason "blog roll" keeps reverting to the other. I'll try again tomorrow. Here's the address.

moflicky said...

So. . . you guys are OK with "judicial activism" then?

They Say/We Say said...

Striking down an UN-Constitutional Law is NOT Judicial Activism; The Same Thing happened to FDR-his WAY around the problem, TRICK the People and CONGRESS into letting him Stack The Supreme Court > from 9to15, some died and the last count was around 12 that approved his New Deal.
He slammed his fist down on the table and yelled "This is Not Un-Constitutional, but could not convince anyone. So he appointed his Judges-after some slick slight of hand reasoning for the extra Judges. And yes I do know what the reasoning was-althou flawed - the people and Congress bought it. Those were trying times for everyone and wanted to believe he had their best interest.

They Say/We Say said...

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Anonymous said...

Read this article in Pravda. It explains a lot.

moflicky said...

Of course, "judicial activism" only applies when judges strike down a law YOU like.

"The Same Thing happened to FDR"

Right, and he was the Worst President Ever, which I guess is why he got re-elected a record number of times. Obama is in good company.