July 21, 2012

The Obama Virus

The weaknesses of Obama's candidacy and character are finally becoming known to the electorate as conservative bloggers continue to do the work that should have been done by the media and the Republican Party four years ago. Like hemorrhoid surgery, it isn't pretty and it is usually delayed, but eventually it must be done.

Or perhaps it is more akin to cancer surgery - the American body politic is in serious danger unless a foreign invader is removed before it can do fatal damage. It has already crippled us.

The American Thinker's Robert Lopez is one such surgical blogger who wields a very sharp scalpel.
When Obama says "you didn't build that," he is employing the rhetorical strategies of two subcultures that he remains closely involved with:

(1) the urban Democratic political machines that often shake down both businesses and minorities using City Hall's power over permits, union jobs, fines, and bonds; and

(2) the higher education system that has monopolized credentialing and apprenticeships, forcing racial minorities into submissive gratitude by inserting affirmative action into their careers at early stages.
I have witnessed and experienced the effects of both of these subcultures as 1) a student at a private, liberal university and 2) as a cop. Trying to effect change within these types of organizations is impossible without replacing the entire structure from the bottom up.

As Mr. Lopez posits, Obama is a product of the worst of both subcultures. Mix this with a communist/socialist upbringing and you have what is no more than a genetically altered socialist virus that has been deliberately positioned within our government for no other reason than to wreck havoc in America.

If Obama had been vetted properly, this virus would have presented itself long before now. But alas the infection has progressed to the point where Obama can say whatever he wants without fear of a Truth vaccination.
When he tells the audience not to take credit for their successes, he is perhaps rationalizing his own trajectory from a pampered private school in Hawaii to the presidency. His trajectory after Hawaii led him straight through the familiar Democratic "gratitude" rackets of Ivy League affirmative action and big-city machine politics, rackets that felt suffocating to me growing up and which led me to become a staunch Giuliani Republican. The fact that Obama landed a plum lecturer position at the University of Chicago without having to pay his dues on the tenure track -- which would have required the demanding rigors of a dissertation defense, peer-reviewed publication, years of formal student evaluations, committee work, and at the least a peer-critiqued monograph on a topic other than his life experiences -- indicates to me that he continued to get shortcuts in exchange for political payouts to white liberals, which could only make him feel more imprisoned by the racial gratitude racket.

Obama's lack of qualifications and his true agenda are becoming more and more apparent.

H/T to Lucianne


Gorges Smythe said...

And yet, the same d_mned fools that voted for him four years ago will vote for him again.

sig94 said...

Gorges - true. But, Lord willing, far fewer of them.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Most in our circle of friends have known the real Obama for 5 years.