October 27, 2012

Ten. More. Days.

Little Obama
Wasn’t loved by his momma.
So she dumped him with Grandma instead,
When he was elected
No one ever suspected
How much this messed up his head.

He’s a fiscal disaster
An incompetent master
Everything he touches turns to shit.
All we get is fertilizer
From a community organizer
We’d been better off electing a tick.

Our President’s a rookie
The First Lady’s a Wookie
2008 must have been some kind of glitch.
But don’t you all fret now
In November you’ll know how
We got rid of that sonofabitch.


Dixon Webb said...

This poem absolutely MADE MY DAY !

Gorges Smythe said...

One can only pray that your psychic prognostication is correct!

sig94 said...

Dixon - why thankee sir.

sig94 said...

Gorges - might be a physic, never a psychic...