November 7, 2012

Something Stinks

There is a great deal of concern that the number of voters particiating in yesterday's election has decreased significantly over 2008 and 2004 levels. Either the electorate was real turned off or there has been a level of voter fraud on a national scale that defies description. Which brings me to the next point:

If you are going to lie, lie big.
If you are going to steal, steal big.
If you are going to cheat, cheat big.

Everyone will believe that there is some voter fraud. But how many people will believe that the entire election process was cooked, that the outcome was never in doubt, that the fix was always in? No sense messing with just a few cities, go for broke, no one will believe it.

IMHO, with the new electronic voting machines such fraud is not only possible on a national scale but easier than ever. Forget about the feds looking in to this. As far as I'm concerned, the Republicans are just as crooked as the Democrats.

Now is the time to put pressure on the AG's from the red states to investigate. I'd say impound the machines but some scripts can be written to delete themselves after execution. This whole thing simply reeks of corruption.


WoFat said...

If the election is not close, the dems cannot cheat.

Fradgan said...

That's been my suspicion all along. Now that the Dems control the computers, we are Chicago.

Don't wait. Buy guns and ammo. Fast.

TurtleBurt said...

Yup, I figured this would occur months ago. Not a friggin thing will be done either.

As for guns, Marc Salvo over at has a recent piece by one of the Calif Dem Feinstein who wants to grab certain guns and mags. Not just an assault ban but turn them in to the Feds (yeah right, lol)

I haven't been able to vet the peice at more than one site so it may be BS.

sig94 said...

WoFat - there were plenty of warning signs that this was likely. One of the results the dems want is for conservatives to despair and stop participating in the system. We can't allow that to happen.

sig94 said...

Fradgan - that will be next on the leftist agenda. They will not stop until the 2A is toast.

sig94 said...

Burt - that appears to bean inside report by someone who may or may not have been at a meeting between the ATF and Feinstein staffers.

Probably nothing new here but with the imposter back in the WH, the leftists are emboldened even more. We can't take anything for granted.

Kid said...

Sig, this keeps coming back and banging a symbol in my own mind.

It would be So easy to just toss the voter numbers coming in and plug in predetermined numbers. What a million voting precincts that have a chance in hell of getting together to do their own audit.

I wouldn't be surprised in the absolute least to find out the whole process is rigged and Has Been.

Too much F money at stake and someone show me ANY OTHER venue where this much money is at stake at it isn't rigged.

The more I think about it the harder it is to dismiss. On the other hand, see latest post, - we have a new majority in America. I give both concepts 50-50.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I'm still in shock, but I look forward to your thoughts.

Fradgan said...

The Left said: "Vote early. It is very important". And then they, with a flip of the switch, added all the votes they needed hidden within them.

I'm expecting a 60 Minutes investigation any minute now.

R Mutt said...

No kidding, did you notice that on the paper ballots the shape you had to fill in next to the candidates was an "O"? Obama's logo is a damn "O"! Plus you had to fill it in so it when from white to BLACK! Totally biased against the GOP.

Doom said...

Yeah, I know. But that Romney just rolled with it tells me all I need to know. It means that if indeed it was stolen, it was stolen at the bequest of tptb. Which means corruption is baked in the cake, and they need who holds that office to continue to do so to continue doing what they mean to do. They own him, and they have enough power to get Romney/Rep Party to shut up about it.

All bad, all the time.