April 28, 2013

Voter Fraud? Nah, Never Happens

The AP reports another half-baked article.
WASHINGTON (AP) -- America's blacks voted at a higher rate than other minority groups in 2012 and by most measures surpassed the white turnout for the first time, reflecting a deeply polarized presidential election in which blacks strongly supported Barack Obama while many whites stayed home.
Of course voter fraud plays no part in our elections, right? Democratic politics as usual.
A jury in South Bend, Indiana has found that fraud put President Obama and Hillary Clinton on the presidential primary ballot in Indiana in the 2008 election. Two Democratic political operatives were convicted Thursday night in the illegal scheme after only three hours of deliberations. They were found guilty on all counts.

Former longtime St. Joseph County Democratic party Chairman Butch Morgan Jr. was found guilty of felony conspiracy counts to commit petition fraud and forgery, and former county Board of Elections worker Dustin Blythe was found guilty of felony forgery counts and falsely making a petition, after being accused of faking petitions that enabled Obama, then an Illinois Senator, to get on the presidential primary ballot for his first run for the White House.
Voter fraud in the 2012 Presidential election from True The Vote:

1.) To date, 46 states have prosecuted or convicted cases of voter fraud.
2.) More than 24 million voter registrations are invalid, yet remain on the rolls nation-wide.
3.) There are over 1.8 million dead voters still eligible on the rolls across the country.
4.) More than 2.75 million Americans are registered to vote in more than one state.
5.) True The Vote recently found 99 cases of potential felony interstate voter fraud.
6.) Maryland affiliates of True The Vote uncovered cases of people registering and voting after their respective deaths.
This year, True The Vote uncovered more than 348,000 dead people on the rolls in 27 states.
  • California: 49,000
  • Florida: 30,000
  • Texas: 28,500
  • Michigan: 25,000
  • Illinois: 24,000

7.) 12 Indiana counties have more registered voters than residents.
8.) The Ohio Secretary of State admitted that multiple Ohio counties have more registered voters than residents.
9.) Federal records showed 160 counties in 19 states have over 100 percent voter registration.
10.) The Florida New Majority Education Fund, Democratic Party of Florida and the National Council of La Raza are currently under investigation for alleged voter registration fraud.

More on voter fraud in Florida here. Obama's home state, Illinois, here.

There is a concerted effort to discourage Americans from voting unless you are a minority. Hope and Change arrived in America under cover of a hopelessly corrupted election system. We are Venezuela.


Kid said...

And that doesn't even include the fact that if demo-commies win by a single vote in California, then All the delegates go to the dems. How insane is that.

The voting system here is broken.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

What any one of us can do alone is to remove those of our own family from the voting roll ourselves.

A few years ago when I went to vote after my dad passed I saw his name right under mine as well as both my brothers who had moved out of my district.

I not only informed them but demanded that they redact their names from the list, which they did, and I followed-up on that the very next day.

If all real Americans did this and those who moved from one district or state to another actually followed-up on their own we can put a real dent in this.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Requesting Voter ID is racist.

WoFat said...

And what will be done? As long as there are Dems running Congress and the white house - nothing.