June 1, 2013

Get Out Da Way!!

The largest landslide in the  history of North America occurred April 10th at a copper mine outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. Over 165 million tons of earth dropped a half mile. There were no casualties.

I felt just like that picture after I took a "cleanser" for my first colonoscopy.

Story here.

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Gorges Smythe said...


Ian H said...

Oops, too much information on C!

Kid said...

Think this was global warming Sig?

sig94 said...

Kid - absolutely. This is a classic geologic/atmospheric inversion where what was dirt is now sky. It is always attributable to carbon dioxide poisoning. The land, realizing it is dying, tries to commit suicide by leaping to its death.

This particular landslide was partly caused by it's location on a liberal geologic deformation known as "Bush's Fault."

Kid said...