September 2, 2013

Reasons Why We Shouldn't Attack Syria

 Reason #1:
Sarah Palin rather succinctly phrased it and I'll paraphrase it.
Syrians are slaughtering Syrians in a civil war.
Mexico and Canada stayed the hell out of our four year romp through a sea of blood back in the 1860's; how about we follow suite and let the Syrians sort it out like we did. Who's ever left standing we congratulate and send our ambassador back over with lots and lots of flowers.

In Rwanda, the Hutu's slaughtered 800,000 Tutsi's, or was it the other way around? .... in any event, the US did nothing. The natives either got tired of pillage or ran out of Tutsi's or machetes. Either way, our Marines stayed home.

Saddam Hussein gassed thousands of Kurds and we also sat on our Marines. We had a good steady thing going until we decided to get all righteous over someone else's mineral rights.

Reason #2:
Our intelligence assets allegedly report that Assad gassed his own people. Our intelligence assets now say that we knew about it three days before the Sarin gas was deployed. And we did nothing anyway.

Who are those intelligence assets? It was just leaked that 20% of all job applicants submitted to the CIA are terrorist sympathizers. In and of itself that is worrisome. What is even more problematic is this - how many got through? Is our intelligence now tainted by those who are feeding us wrong information in order to draw us into an armed conflict to benefit their own interests?

And now the French say they know something too. What do the Brits know? They must have had the same intel, Obugger must have sent them the same data but they turned down the party invitation and will keep their soldiers home.

Reason #3:
What is the end goal? Are we winning hearts and minds again or just jumping into another dust up? We didn't bother sending in the Marines to rescue our own Ambassador in Libya. Our Ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford,is safe and in no danger of being (in no particular order) killed and butt raped. The U.S. Embassy in Damascus was shut down on February 6, 2012, and is still not open. This is a good thing. Gee, wonder why Hilary didn't do the same thing in Libya...

So here's the plan. Make sure all US employees are out of the country and send them back in when the shooting is over. With flowers.


Subvet said...

#4. The current flap over what happens in Syria is being used to divert attention from other items such as "Fast & Furious", the selective targetting by the IRS of conservatives for harassment, the revelations provided by Snowden about the NSA & Co., the real story about Benghazi. Can you say, "wag the dog"?

Kid said...

We have no reason to be there. We'll either be supporting our sworn enemy POSs or our sworn enemy POSs with absolutely nothing to gain.
POSs like kerry and obama are no doubt making money on the deal.

Ian H said...

Why does America have to consider itself the final judge, jury and executioner? The UN is largely silent. Britain and France and ? are saying stay out of it. The US track record on winning things in foreign counties is not exactly good.FWIW

sig94 said...

Probably our best interests is to leave Assad in power to keep the Muslim Bro'hood under wraps. But with a Muslim in the WH, well, anything can happen.

cody said...

And we are not the policemen of the world. But if Syria attacks a treatied ally of ours that asked us for assistance....absoulutely.