November 30, 2013

91 Degrees

 It's only been nine days since my right knee was cut open, the joint dissembled and metal used to replace it's load bearing surfaces. Rehab continues apace.  I had been through four iterations of rehab  prior to this, but nothing has ever challenged me so hard.

My therapist is a nice guy who pushes me; just when something starts to get a little easy, he introduces a new set of painful exercises - yet he does it in such a way that I really don't mind. He is a truly competent professional who knows how to provoke an appropriate and beneficial response from his clients. Either that or the daily doses of Oxycontin keep me from killing him.

I now have 91 degrees of flexion in my knee. Just have to reach 126 degrees at which point I will have the same range of motion in both knees. Already I am able to walk short distances without any assistance, but use a cane until my stability improves. 

I thank God for the technology that has allowed this transformation in such a short period of time and the trained medical personnel who worked on me and with me to effect it. I think back to last Saturday when I left the hospital and the change since then really surprises me.


Doom said...


Now, I agree. Medicine has come a long way. But if your physical therapist suggests voodoo for your other ailments, know he is probably off the hook. They can, if they choose to, and notice, do good things in small areas. But out of their area, and some whole areas, are best to be ignored as the foolishness they are.

Hmm, if you ever have a doc, for example, that thinks you should go to a psych for the side effects of pain, or the painkillers... if he is a good doc otherwise, keep him but ignore him. Most likely, he gets a kickback. If not, tell him to do a long walk off a short pier.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Not ready for that marathon yet?

Gorges Smythe said...

Said a prayer for your success in rehab.

Opus #6 said...

Prayers sent for your continued swift and complete healing.

Kid said...

I can dig that. A broken left leg had it in a full straight leg cast for 3 months. It took a while to get full motion back.

Kid said...

PS - I said a prayer that all your medical professionals are smokin hot ladies.