December 2, 2013

Murder, Inc.

Murder, Inc.
According to a recently published study , Planned Parenthood has a new name - a name that is verified by actual data from the world's largest abortion mill.

The Chinese examined the data regarding the incidence of breast cancer in woman who have undergone abortions. The results are terrifying.
[...] a meta-analysis pooling 36 studies from 14 provinces in China, showed that abortion increased the risk of breast cancer by 44% with one abortion, and 76% and 89% with two and three abortions.

This new article is another example of the recent excellent scholarship on abortion in peer-reviewed journals coming out of the People's Republic. There is no bigger data base than China, where there is an average of 8.2 million pregnancy terminations every year, and 40 abortions for every 100 live births. Chinese researchers and physicians are unencumbered by abortion politics, and do not cover up data showing long term effects of induced abortion, as do their US counterparts in governmental, professional and consumer organizations.
If any nation would support universal, unlimited abortions,it would be the Chinese. For decades the Chinese government has restricted families to one child.

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In 1979 the Chinese government instituted it's family planning policy of one childbirth per family. Since then, using liberal phraseology, the Chinese have "averted" over 200 million births. Every year the Chinese kill as many children as the entire population of New York City - about 8.2 million.

Hitler would be proud on how the population control methodology of the Third Reich has been incorporated into modern society..


WoFat said...

Accurate name.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Ah yes, the politics of murder.

Doom said...

Sad when we have to look to Russia to keep us out of a useless war in Syria and China to do true studies... on anything, but especially in a medical area that affects so many.

It's becoming impossible to support my nation of birth. Not that the others are better, just that as things change, America is selling it's exceptionalism for the things those nations proved doesn't work. Socialism, in it's various forms.

LL said...

Why is the USGOV on the wrong side of absolutely EVERY SINGLE issue?

Yes, the question is rhetorical.

When you turn away from God and embrace practices such as murder of the unborn, you can't help but end up in the situation we find ourselves in as a nation.

Subvet said...

We're setting ourselves up for a Divine ass whipping of truly Biblical proportions. God have mercy on us, may His will be done.