January 9, 2014

It's The Malice, Stupid!

The NJ Governor blocks two traffic lanes all by his lonesome.

I guess it always boils down to credibility. Do you or don't you have it?

We are so used to politicians denying any culpability in the scandal du jour that claims of embarrassment, betrayal, humiliation and "they lied to me" fall to the wayside like boyfriends from Madonna's bed.

The latest email revelations for the GWB fiasco only serve to illustrate how fleeting are the aspirations of our most ambitious politicians.

From Fox News:
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie publicly apologized Thursday for controversial lane closures last year that were arranged by his associates as an apparent act of political revenge, and fired a top aide who was at the center of the scandal.

"I come out here to apologize to the people of New Jersey," he said. "I am embarrassed and humiliated."

The governor added: "I am stunned by the abject stupidity that was shown here."

The governor is trying to get a handle on the scandal, which could threaten the potential 2016 presidential candidate's political aspirations. He's also facing various legal inquiries. The U.S. attorney's office in New Jersey confirmed Thursday that it is now "reviewing" the matter to "determine whether a federal law was implicated."

Christie stressed Thursday that he was not involved and that while his political style is tough, "I am not a bully." He said repeatedly that he was betrayed by his staff.
At least he didn't say, "What difference does it make?" Maybe if he was a Clinton or a Kennedy dame he could get away with that.
Christie maintained that, until this week, he did not know his staff was involved in the incident last September, when lanes at the George Washington Bridge from Fort Lee, N.J., were closed for four days. For months, Christie faced accusations the lanes were blocked in retaliation over Mayor Mark Sokolich's refusal to endorse him for re-election last November.

Christie sounds like he is trying to pass himself off as a victim. His actions belittling the allegations and slamming his accusers when the traffic on the George Washington Bridge was turned into a shambles belie his claims of victimhood. He revels in that sort of confrontation.

The Governor got caught. If his people pulled this kind of horrendous stunt targeting an entire city, then they have done something like this before ... and they have done it many times. You just don't go from zero to sixty when playing political games, there is practice and malice involved. And this prank was chock full of malice. I have no doubt that it has been employed before against others.

I say impeach the prick. He is supposed to visit the City of Fort Lee on his New Jersey Apology Tour. If I were the Mayor, I would have my entire police department on hand to lock his fat ass up for criminal negligent homicide. A 91 year-old woman died because an ambulance could not reach her in time due to traffic congestion caused by the actions of his Office.

More here and here.

And here come the lawsuits.


Mamma Bear said...

I cannot stand to look at this man or listen to this man. He is a bully and every speech I hear from him reinstates the fact each time. Surely the GOP can come up with someone better than this piece of junk to run for president.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

His tactics and denial sound just like the boy king. I wonder why that is.

sig94 said...

MammaBear - hopefully this will knock him off his feed.

sig94 said...

Odie - Yet the boy king gets the traction on his denial that the fat boy doesn't.

Kid said...

Even without this he had no chance.

sig94 said...

Kid - the RNC seems to have a penchant for running losers in Presidential elections, eh?

Kid said...

I think our only option is to find two ultra-Conservatives – a Spanish looking person named HeyZues (Jesus) Christ and a dark skinned man named Al Lah to run for President and Vice President. That will eliminate the media from being a problem.