January 1, 2014

Putin Promises

I can think of very few American politicians who I believe will keep their word. It is truly a sad state of affairs when I think that Russian politicians have more credibility. Somehow I think Putin will keep his word.
Vladimir Putin’s New Year’s vow: ‘Complete annihilation’ of terrorists

Russian President Vladimir Putin broke his silence after two deadly suicide bombings ripped apart Volgograd this week with a stern warning to terrorists: We will pursue you until we have seen your “complete annihilation.”

“Dear friends, we bow our heads before the victims of cruel terrorist acts. I am certain that we will fiercely and consistently continue the fight against terrorists until their complete annihilation,” Putin said in an unusual, second televised address close to midnight Tuesday, according to The Globe and Mail.

Putin broke a “long-time” New Year’s tradition and “gave up on the pre-recorded address to the nation shot at the Kremlin several days before the New Year” to give a second address that included his condemnation of the terrorist attacks:

“We’ll lead a confident, tough and consistent battle against the terrorists until their full elimination,” Putin vowed, according to Russia Today.

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LL said...

Obama is an inner city clown who plays to an indulged, soft, complacent American audience.

Putin is serious as a heart attack.

Gorges Smythe said...

It's a sad day when I have more respect for the Russian president than for our own.

jay son said...

i'm with gorges, and buddy Ski over at Global Domination and i talked about this previously, putin is a MAN and obama? well we aren't quite sure of the status of the guy wearing the mom jeans.

Kid said...

Goeges- You're not alone. By design? Hmmm

Anyway, Go get em Vlad.