February 27, 2014




LL said...

Poor old Slow Joe just doesn't get it.

Doom said...

I am chuckling. But with just a bit o' caution. I've been shooting since, well, for 42 years. So far I haven't shot a gun by accident once, dropped a gun I was firing, or such, and I hope to keep it that way. Did get bit by a slide, even then I didn't drop the gun. I just stopped, found out what the problem was, and gently handed the pistol back to it's owner.

Not to say I haven't done stupid things, just... I suspect, as gun ownership goes up... well... That is the only slightly right thing about Darwin's theory.

I definitely respect firearms now. But I handle one or more daily at this time and for quite some time now. I still think stupid people should be armed as well. It'll learn them, most of them, far before it kills them. Respect, for objects, for people, for themselves.

Still trying to figure out how to just let go and laugh...

Kid said...

On the other hand

Doom said...

Cute, Kid, but the truth is, not even all men can fire a .50, or even a .338. It breaks some good solid stock men. Messes with their minds, messes up their internal gyros, does a number on them. Look it up if you don't believe me. Women? Good for a laugh, but dangerous. Just like trucking, women's bodies weren't made to take that kind of pounding.

Kid said...

Doom, Ok.

I wasn't laughing, I was enjoying the jiggle. fwiw.

Kid said...

Doom, as to your first comment. This video is a testament as to why school age children at the earliest possible age, and refreshers there-after should be taught gun safety.

They're all putting condoms on cukes, how about a little education on such a serious matter. THIS is why gun accidents occur.

Dad had my brother and I down in the basement shooting cig butts with a bolt action, single shot, 22 short loaded rifle at ages 7 and 8. We hit the street well aware of all aspects of gun safety and never had a problem, and in fact kept one other from blowing his brains out with semi-auto pistol once.

Kid said...

PPS, the leftists have been suing Conservatism back to the stone age. It's been my recent rant to claim that 'elections are now worthless and if we want to make any headway we should be suing liberalism back to the F stone age'.

With that in mind, and given that 2A hasn't been overturned and given that it isn't a universal requirement,(smart yea but not law) that parents need to have guns locked away (where they won't do them any good if and when) then this might be a Prime example of when WE can start suing their asses.

Next kid shoots himself, we sue his school, and the entire public school system if applicable that this kid was NEVER taught something so important to personal safety as basic gun safety.

Anyway, suing them is our only chance at this point, the question is who is going to pay for it. Who pays for the libtard lawsuits? I'm sure WE do one way or the other.

Kid said...

PPPPPS, My wife shoots Very well btw.

We went to one of the local indoor ranges as she wants to be intimately familiar with gun safety, gun handling, target shooting and at some point we will likely go and get CCW's together...
I gotta tell ya, she shot Very well, and handled the guns well. We probably did about an hour of classroom in our kitchen before we went, then just little reminders at the range.

She shot the 40 better than I did for some strange reason. Maybe I was pulling the trigger. We were about equal on the 30-30, the 22 semi, and the 22 semi rifle.
Next up is the 12 Ga, but neither of us intends to shoot that a lot. It's here for home defense rather than recreational shooting.

Doom said...


Oh, and, should I find a woman to marry, she won't get a diamond. She will get a rifle... an ar-15 or ak-47... her choice... a side arm of her choice... a fur coat that fits now and the promise of a fur coat that fits... well... later. :)

And I will teach her to shoot. She may not be equal, but nothing says love like putting an equalizer in her hands. Urhm, with prayer, a little fear, and hope.