March 22, 2014

Life Imitates Art

DARPA has given awards to four companies to develop their concepts for the next generation of Vertical Take Off/Landing (VTOL) aircraft.

One of the companies, Boeing, has a design that is somewhat disturbing. See for yourself.


Now this, a "hunter killer" from the movie "Terminator."

Should we be worried?


LL said...

Embrace SkyNet.

sig94 said...

All Hail SkyNet!

Doom said...

I actually think engineers... urhm geeks... often try to replicate science fiction. The communicator, from Star Trek, became the cellphone, and so on.

That being said? Heck yes we should be worried. Ask yourself this. With your own tech, at home or at work, personal, business, professional... How much of it do you understand enough to actually control? Now... how close are we to having it so that nobody is in control of tech? Either through overload, artificial IQ, or short circuits? And... just exactly would, or could, that mean.

And that is assuming scientists and engineers with a love of global genocide for the sake of mother earth, islam, or some other cults, or just with a glimmer in their eyes for chaos, isn't speeding the process along.

Sleep well!