June 28, 2014

Make A Soldier Out Of This Freak

Pvt. Johnson  reporting to install wax toilet seal.

From The WSJ:
More than two-thirds of America's youth would fail to qualify for military service because of physical, behavioral or educational shortcomings, posing challenges to building the next generation of soldiers even as the U.S. draws down troops from conflict zones.

The military deems many youngsters ineligible due to obesity, lack of a high-school diploma, felony convictions and prescription-drug use for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. But others are now also running afoul of standards for appearance amid the growing popularity of large-scale tattoos and devices called ear gauges that create large holes in earlobes.
When our daughter joined the Army in 2008, the recruiter told us then that only about 30% of the population was eligible for recruitment. At the time I thought he was exaggerating...

New recruitment bonus! Join the military, get a free set of steak knives!

Nasal sharpener not included.


WoFat said...

Walk too close to a magnet and he'll cut his head off.

Doom said...

I wouldn't like it. But if push comes to shove, give those sorts to me. I'll have them ready when needed. Can't change the freakishness, but can instill something much more. And I can handle looking at them.

Think of it's this way... who would you rather have walking point... the man who can fit in, finish college or get a reasonable job, find a wife and have children, or the man who has extricated himself from civil society? It still baffles me, to a degree, that they don't have a lame and crazy battalion, for the willing but otherwise unacceptable. I would actually accept women, but in an all woman corps, top to bottom, used for civil defense to include combat training, as the Israelis have. Just a thought.

Uhrm, it may come down to my notion if things go south, through betrayal, and some other things, in any case. If all you have is lemons, then make lemonade. It'll take some squeezing but I think I could. *evil grins*

Kid said...

Imagine when today's 'kids' are old enough but too afraid of guns to join something as barbaric as 'the military'.

Doom said...


That only works so long as the wealth supports it. The wealth is gone. These kids that seem lost in theory will find the practical. Without solid training they will turn into simple barbarians... thugs, punks, gangsters, which is what they are, even so. It just isn't yet realized, completely.

China and India are finding out about that much more intensely. Because of their sex-selective abortions. They will either have a massive land war with each other to get rid of the sons who have no women to marry, millions of them, or they will fall to pure barbarity. Then again, they fear arming that large of a group. There are risks any way they go.

A man with no wife, and no chance at one, even weakened by 'liberal' notions (or more so), is the most terrible enemy of civilization. They WILL destroy... everything they can get their hands on. They seem simpletons, but wait until the hunger pains hit.

Kid said...

Doom, agreed. Lord of the Rings can happen fast.

sig94 said...

You guys - RR said that the loss of our freedom is only one generation away. Looks like we're getting real lose.

Kid said...

Sig, I can see them licking their lips over it too. They think it's awfully close.