June 4, 2014

Twenty-five Years Ago

We've all seen this iconic depiction - "Tank Man" -  of an individual's stand against tyranny, but this author poses a very significant question about the events in Tiananmen Square:

Why hasn't Hollywood produced a movie about the massacre in Tiananmen Square?

It is estimated that the Chinese murdered several thousand protesters on this day in 1989 but movie producers seem to have no interest in documenting this outrage. Mr. Gonzalez offers an explanation:
It’s not surprising China wants everybody to forget Tiananmen – and Hollywood may be influenced by that. After all, Hollywood receives significant funding from China. One of my friends in Hollywood, Ben Shapiro, told me yesterday that “everyone is scared of the Chinese market being closed to particular films or studios.” Indeed, in 2012 Chinese audiences shelled out $2.7 billion in box office sales for “Meiguo Da pian”—big American movies –and studios from Disney to Fox co-produce movies with China. DreamWorks has even struck a deal with two government-owned Chinese companies to create “Oriental DreamWorks.” One Chinese media fund alone—the Harvest Seven Stars Media Private Equity—has about $1 billion to invest in Hollywood.
Good advice -  always follow the money.

More here and here.


LL said...

Hollywood won't make an Islamic film either unless it is 'approved'. If you want truth, accuracy or courage, you can find it in the man who stood in front of the tank, but you won't find it in Hollywood.

WoFat said...

Hollywood is made up of, at least in large part, super Leftists.