July 4, 2014

Getting "Acclimated" Is The Key

Eighty miles west of here the City of Rochester, NY, has a problem with Asian immigrants.

Asians insist on on getting the crap beat out of them by blacks and the City is not responding; in fact, it appears that these incidents are not even being reported.

From Breitbart Big Government:
The newspaper of record in Rochester is sorry about the 1,000 cases of black on Asian violence over the last several years. Specifically, the editors are not apologizing for ignoring the racial violence, which they did for years, but for finally writing about it after it became too bloody and blatant to pretend it was not happening.

The June report in the Democrat Chronicle that prompted the journalistic second guessing featured interviews with public officials and immigrants who gave details of the unrelenting racial violence visited upon recent immigrants from Nepal and Burma, all by black people in Rochester.

[...] The reaction from black leaders in Rochester is also strangely casual.

The former police chief, James Sheppard, who is black, told the Democrat Chronicle the immigrants will “eventually acclimate” to their new “harsh environment.”
I am sure that once you become acclimated to having your bell rung or a gun shoved in your face every time you walk out of your home, that life will improve greatly.

Seriously, this idiot is one of the reasons why Rochester is in the shape it is.

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LL said...

Some of the SOCAL types from Little Saigon will come breezing through and the brothers will have an unpleasant wake-up when the M-60's start chopping through the ghetto.

It's bound to happen. If you look at Southern California, Inglewood and all black areas are becoming Asian because the Asians push black people out. I'm not being racist - simply observing the demographics.

Kid said...

What is it with democrats in the North East especially. Like the song says "... some of them like to be used by you..."

sig94 said...

LL - many people do not realize that Asians have their own organized crime networks. The Vietnamese mafia is alive and well across the US. It is centered in the cities to which Asian population emigrated, esp. SOCAL. I would not mess with these people.

sig94 said...

Kid - it's democrats everywhere with a RINO leaven.