November 1, 2014

Mexico Releases Sgt. Tahmooressi

From Fox News:
After 214 days in a Mexican prison, Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi crossed the US – Mexican border Friday night, boarding a private jet for Florida shortly after 9 p.m., after a strong diplomatic push appeared to help convince a judge to release the former Marine on humanitarian grounds.

After reviewing the ruling, Tahmooressi family spokesman Jonathan Franks said the judge acted on a recommendation from the PGR, the Mexican Attorney General's Office. In that motion, the prosecutor "essentially withdrew the charges," Franks said. Moments later, the trial judge issued an acquittal in Andrew's case, calling for an "immediate and absolute release."

His release comes after a lengthy, closed trial and a Congressional hearing in September highly critical of Obama Administration efforts to secure his release and Mexico’s refusal to let him go. Tahmooressi said he made an innocent mistake the evening he crossed into Tijuana with three weapons in his truck on March 31.
My wife and I were Skyping with our daughter this afternoon;  she is currently stationed at Fort Huachuca in Arizona.

She states that there are are precious few signs letting you know where you are and that depending on what cell tower your signal is bouncing from, you may suddenly see, "Welcome to Mexico" on your cell phone.

Take a look at the following. That straight, dark line at the bottom is the border. It wouldn't take much to find your self right on the border.

However, Sgt. Tahmooressi  perhaps doesn't have that excuse. He was arrested at the El Chaparral checkpoint as you go into Tijuana. This is the world's busiest border check point, not some little gated road with a toll booth and a sleepy guard. 

The Marine Sergeant apparently is suffering from PTSD and this may have been how the disorder was presenting itself back on 31 Mar 14 when he was arrested.

At any rate, thank God his ordeal is over, he is home and can receive treatment.

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Doom said...

I have heard some suggest that this is Zero trying to prove his strength before the election. I had to laugh. For the young and forgetful, they might think that. But anyone who remembers the late 70's, when US citizens were released from Iran (which J. Carter allowed to be overrun, by islamic radicals), as a fear of God through Reagan taking office... Yeah... I think Mexico realized which way the wind was blowing and just how hard things might be about to get for them.

I'm not sure, even if Republicans win, that they have the brass or backbone to do anything. But Mexico is a socialism. That is a statehood of fear. It's all they know, along with corruption. But against Zero and crue, they didn't need to fear, and easily shared corruption. Bands of thieves across borders, one might say. Against a strong American government they do need to fear. Just calling the odds and backing down before even a weak bigger dog. That is what I am seeing.