November 24, 2014

Pretty Woman, Wrapped In Crazy

What can you say about a woman who leaves her flesh and blood husband of ten years for A FICTIONAL CHARACTER ... a concept of a man that only exists on paper?
Her steamy, bestselling novels and strong male characters have seduced hundreds of thousands of female readers worldwide. 
But Jodi Ellen Malpas has revealed she has split from her own Mr Right – because he no longer lives up to the fantasy she created. 
The 34-year-old, whose This Man trilogy has sold more than 500,000 copies, has left her husband of ten years after ‘falling in love’ with one of her characters.
She has two children who now are not with their father. I'm sure these kids are calling the paperback "Daddy."

Story here.

H/T Wintery Knight


LL said...

Crazier than a shit-house rat...or even than a New Orleans Wharf Rat (the size of a large cat).

The guy is well rid of her IMHO. AND he owns 1/2 of her royalties... ;^) that he can spend wooing some other goofball.

Average American said...

LL may be 100% correct about the royalties! Let's hope so. "It don't make sense." What better place to be finding this little tidbit!

I wonder how many of her half million readers will fall in love with him too? I wonder how many cat fights this will cause? I wonder where she hid her other brain cell? She is obviously running on just 1!!!

sig94 said...

LL - I think I'll try my hand at it..

"Daphne couldn't take her eyes off Lance's sculpted chest as he removed his shirt; his pectorals glistening in the moonlight, his massive shoulders rippling with sinewy strength, the veins in his arms throbbing with promised glory as his hands moved towards the belt that cinched his narrow, powerful waist. She could barely control her desire as she imagined what pleasure his muscular loins would provide."

"Suddenly his eyes blazed with effort, his heavily pockmarked brow furrowed in fury as he opened his brownish, gap toothed maw and roared with pain, then shat himself."

"That's the last time I date a Mr. Methamphetamine contest winner," Daphne promised herself as she placed another oversized cucumber on the nightstand and got the mop out of the kitchen.

LL said...

You're COLD, Sig.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I hope they're happy ... NOT!

Kid said...

She is obammy's new defense secy