February 14, 2015

It's The Schools, Stupid

We have had generations of idiots stumble out of our nation's public education system with nary a thought for the future. Far too many of our high school seniors do not know our nation's history or it's geography and they read on a fifth grade level, but they can slap a condom on a cucumber and tell you the advantages of French, ribbed, latex or lamb.

The US Dept. of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW) was signed into law by President Eisenhower on March 12, 1953. Twenty-six years later it was reorganized and the Department of Education was established in October of 1979 under the Carter Administration. The dumbing down of America has been in the works for over half a century. Why is this? It is not an accident. American schools are designed to fail.

Education is a very powerful, inter-generational tool. For example, Turkey is moving away from an education system based on secular studies and forcing students to learn the Koran and Islamic teachings.
"Education is an ideological tool," said Sakine Esen Yilmaz, secretary-general of the left-leaning Education and Science Laborers' Union. "It is (now) being used to raise an obedient generation that will serve the government."
The Education and Science Laborers' Union is Turkey's largest trade union. They know what they're doing - creating good like Muslims who will not question the government no matter what it does.

Sound familiar? Just like America's National Education Association. For the record the NEA is the largest union in America. The American Federation of Teachers is smaller, but just as radical, perhaps even more so. Both unions are major supporters for the corrupt ACORN organization and spend $millions of its members' dues supporting left wing politicians and liberal causes. Both unions are rife with corruption and have had local leaders arrested for embezzlement.

Teachers unions are opposed to charter schools, teacher accountability and, most of all, any legislation that would eliminate mandatory payroll deductions for dues. Whenever payroll deductions are eliminated, teachers unions take an incredible financial hit. They want the bucks for obvious reasons. Money is political power.

Consider this:
Fortune magazine has consistently ranked the National Education Association in the top 15 of its Washington Power 25 list for influence in the nation’s capital.

Over the last 20 years, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) has given more than $28 million in campaign contributions; the National Education Association (NEA) has given almost $31 million. That's almost $60 million, more than any other organization — but that's just the tip of the iceberg. At the state level, the AFT and NEA combined to spend an additional $61.8 million on candidates and expenditures for ballot initiatives in 2008 alone. Plus, teachers unions spend millions more on uncoordinated expenditures and get-out-the-vote efforts.

According to The Heritage Foundation, through July 2010, unions spent almost three times as much money on campaign ads as all corporations combined.
And that's just the ads. It doesn't touch actual cash contributions.



Doom said...

Public ed was never supposed to educate. It was an attack on Catholicism. If you understand that, then the path it would have to follow makes perfect sense. For the further you get from Catholicism, the further you get from Christianity. Given the initial direction, schools had to become unGodly, and that direction leads to what exists.

At this point, because of the bent public ed has put on all education, even private and parochial schools are no longer to be trusted. They are infected through the educator's education, or what passes for it.

Kid said...

Doom, not only unGodly, but unPatriotic which is even more disasterous.
Otherwise, Comrade Brezmanov claims this was part of russia's active measures to beat America to a pulp. I would add the atomic bomb on the family unit delivered by lbj's welfare/WIC systems and the women's lib movement. Destruction of the family unit is the one thing that will prevent us from improving anything else.
Destruction of the Education system is # 2 imo, but we have to remember the parents helped destroy it.
Add in PC, multi-culterism, equality, preferential treatment for losers, lies from everyone from the media to EPA to NASA to NOAA and the kids believe them and its easy to see we're screwed.
There's a big no Uturn sign up ahead. Not even Reagan could turn any of this crap back.

Pumice said...

Just this week I was being belittled by my students for making them work two days before Valentine's Day. None of the other teachers were making them work. I told them it might be that none of the other teachers cared about their future. My mouth will get me in trouble some day.

Grace and peace.