March 7, 2015

Grand Opening - Islam 'R Us Decorations

**** Today's Special ****

The Prophet's Perfect Party Favor!
Infidel Piñatas!

Praise Allah! There's one hell of a sale going on so you'd better hurry! 
These unholy savings simply will not last long, especially in this hot weather.

Sale starts here!


LL said...

They're savages. Keep in mind that there is no animal on the planet that would behave like this.

Fredd said...

We have the means to turn their environs into a featureless plain of glass. Including Mecca.

I am wondering when they will come to understand this.

WoFat said...

This is why God made the atom bomb.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Your President wants you to love these people.