September 28, 2015

Saudi Stampede Presents Clean Up Challenge

Almost 800 pilgrims were killed during a Muslim stampede on The Hajji Trail in Meccatown. Those varmints spook real easy and no one is sure if it were lightning or coyotes that started the whole shebang. Nosirree, them pilgrims - about two million of 'em - just went hog wild a-whoopin' and a-hollarin'. Such goings on, quite the mess.

Leastways once the herd settled down the Saudi ranch hands knew how to round up those strays and set everything straight in a hurry. And you best believe that Caterpillar sold them nothing but halal pay loaders for such occasions.

Nothing works like a Cat and nothing beats the Caterpillar Corporation motto:

"Earthmoving solutions for today's challenges."


Kid said...

It becomes more clear by the minute that islam has no respect for life what-so-ever.

It's why we have to nuke them out of existence like a cancer pandemic. I grieve for the cats and dogs and as yet, unaware children but in the long run think of life on Earth for the next thousands of years without the evil cancer of islam. Compare me to hitler if you want but any sane person has to realize that going to the ME like Bush did and killing some number of easily replaceable cockroaches accomplishes absolutely nothing positive.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

It just don't pay to be a Mooselimb any more.

LL said...

If I ever decide that I really want those 72 virgins (women too ugly to get laid on this Earth) and become a Moose-limb, you can use the skip loader to transport me to the big mass grave.

Doom said...

Coyote. Definitely the Coyote. I'm under contract, so I can't fill you in on the details. Let's just say you'd really get a chuckle. As to islam's love of life? I believe Satan actually loves life more. Socialism, communism, and islam, are all about depraved power through murder. They start at home, and spread their diseases out from there.

Fredd said...

Just a simple cultural difference: in the West, we transport the dearly departed to their final resting place via a Cadillac hearse. In the muslim world, they prefer Caterpillar front end loaders.

Po-TAY-toe, po-TAH-to.

jay son said...

strange how the lame stream media pounced all over U S troops pissing on and burning jihads body thus "desecrating" them, but turn a blind eye to how the faithful treat their own.

Unknown said...

im done watching the news and TV. read your bible and pray or feed into evil.