October 4, 2015

Good Choice

From my wife's Facebook page:

On Oct.4th 1981 (34 years ago) Jim got on his knee and officially asked me to marry him!! It was at an anniversary party for the Sterio's Landmark Restaurant downtown. He did this in front of many people including my parents and friends!! Do I look happy or what??!!
One of the best decisions I ever made.


Doom said...

Congratulations! Quite a task, for both of you. Though I have to suspect the benefits are all around. I am pleased, from hearing bits of your story, that you came around and made the right choices, or at least right enough. I'll add you both to my prayer list. Who said prayer lists always have to be about the bad? I might tease, as a bach, but I know better. Be well.

LL said...

34 years -- and the kids and joys that come with that, is something to be proud of.

Prayer is all about gratitude.

Kid said...

Congratulations Sig. My first shot at this was one of the worst.

sig94 said...

John Dillon, the County Sheriff, was there; he was the 1st Deputy Chief of Police when he retired and ran for Sheriff. He looked at me and said, "Jim, now you can't back out out sport."

sig94 said...

Kid - this is also my second. My first was a disaster also.