February 14, 2016

It's That Cold

It's 8:00 AM and it's -21 degrees outside.
Everything is a popsicle.
I won't bother cleaning the snow off the driveway, not unless it gets up to zero.

Might as well...


LL said...

I know you all have really nice summers, and make fun of we who live in the temperate southern part of the US - and it's true that we on the Left Coast are a bit more 'laid back'. BUT -21 for you and +88 for me today has to have you scratching your head.

Fredd said...

It wasn't all that nice here in Chicago, either. But it's worth it when you consider that:

We have the lowest tax rates in the country. Uh, wrong. Perhaps the highest is correct, including local, state, property and sales. Sky high.
We have the most honest politicians in the world running our town. Uh, that aint' right, either. They are some of the crookedest slime in the country.
We have the most business friendly environment there is. Not.
At least it's safe here. Wrong, highest murder rate in the world.

Ask me why I still live here. Go ahead....

Kid said...

Fredd, if you don't live there because of the food then I have No Idea.
I've been there, and that's the only thing that would keep me there.
It's been Very nice here in Cincy until just a week ago. Cold now but not much snow and 50's expected for next weekend. I'll take it.

Doom said...

If that's one of the daughters, scratch this. Otherwise, you wouldn't happen to have her number would you? I'm looking for a she-polar bear that is more in line with my perspectives. :p