March 2, 2016

Like The Broncos Linebackers On Brady

Sure, like they have to ask.
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Pentagon is looking for a few good computer hackers.

Screened high-tech specialists will be brought in to try to breach the Defense Department's public Internet pages in a pilot program aimed at finding and fixing cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

Defense officials laid out the broad outlines of the plan Wednesday, but had few details on how it will work, what Pentagon systems would be tested and how the hackers would be compensated.

Called "Hack the Pentagon," the program will begin next month. Department officials and lawyers still must work through a number of legal issues involving the authorization of so-called "white-hat hackers" to breach active Pentagon websites.
They've got to be kidding. The Russians, Chinese and North Koreans are already up to their elbows rummaging in our secret stuff. And if Hillary gets in, they won't even have to hack, she'll just sell it to them.

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