May 30, 2016

Run & March for Homeless Vets

I'm kinda proud of my Army girl. She hurt her knee in a senseless company PT exercise last week (they do have some idiots for commanders) and she still ran a Memorial Day 30K in Castle Rock, CO, yesterday.

 Her time ... 4:58:08. Not bad for bruised tendons in her knee, imposing hills, the high altitude and a ruck full of canned goods.
The Memorial Day Run & March invites civilians, Veterans, and uniformed Military to challenge themselves in friendly competition, while helping feed homeless Veterans. We have 3 routes to choose from: 5K Run, 10K Run, and 30K Ruck March.

The Ruck March will be administered by a Norwegian Army Officer who will be presenting ALL civilian Marchers and ALL QUALIFYING uniformed Military Ruck Marchers with the Norwegian Foot March Medal, worn by the Norwegian Army.

100% of your registration (and donations!) goes directly to helping Colorado Veterans. We encourage you to share this page and get friends and family involved to support the cause! Thank you on behalf of Colorado Veterans Project.


Kid said...

Just sayin. If you hadn't posted this I'd have never heard of it. So I'm thinking 99% of the population would ever hear of something like this.

Did they also do a Go Fund Me post? Maybe doing that and putting something out that would inspire word of mouth like a youtube or an email would be helpful.


sig94 said...

Kid - I don't think a lot of these efforts get much media attention - well, perhaps from the local media, but that's it.