May 14, 2016

Train Wrecks

We're all tempted to witness train wrecks. There is something about a person's life dissolving before your eyes that draws us; perhaps gives us a sense of superiority in that "Thank God I'm not as screwed up as *name of train wreck*."

Bruce Jenner is such a Train Wreck.
  • He's a derailed 100 car bullet train hitting an elementary school the day before Christmas vacation.
  • He's a nuclear waste freight train hijacked by Bin Laden's nephew crashing into Grand Central Station.
  • He's Hillary Clinton's campaign train hitting the Bernie Saunders campaign bus at a California RR crossing where hundreds of illegal Mexicans are demonstrating against Donald Trump.
Oh, wait...

You know what I mean.

Bruce Jenner posits that his Christian beliefs are preventing him from dating men. This claim generates the same kind of skepticism I get when Bill Clinton says that his 26 flights on Jeffrey Epstein’s Underage Jet Orgy Express were on missions trips to save the souls of those poor 13 year old girls.

Bruce and Bill - please don't bother explaining. There's other distractions, other wrecks we need to witne ... oh look, Miley Cyrus is shoving flaming Tampons up her nostrils.



Doom said...

Bruce isn't news. Made up news. Clinton is, because his wife *cough* is vying for the presidency. I avoid any "social" news, and most news that seems more like gossip. Clinton's problems are more than just rumor and very damning. Even so, headlines are enough. I have cut back on news, getting most of it from blogs, filtering much of that out as well. Bruce, Miley, Prince, and the rest, simply aren't real news, or news to me.

While I don't think we can hate, we can certainly, and should, turn our backs on those who choose to live lives that are scandalous. But if you do that, turn it all the way. Don't even complain about it. Just... drop it. I don't want to see it here anymore than I want to see it at Breitbart or Drudge. Non-stories, mistakes, shouldn't be there, including Milo, imho.

Gorges Smythe said...

I think it's natural that we say something about perverts on occasion, it's just a way of checking our own sanity.

sig94 said...

Doom - I see your point, but I'm also a half-assed social commentator. Caituce Jenner, as a half-assed freak, full Monty screwed up social disaster is not news, but is somewhat worthy of comment if only for the exercise in derisive prose.

Fredd said...

I see Bruce Jenner the same way I deal with road kill: I just avert my eyes, and try not to drive over it.