March 28, 2010

I Been Thinkin'...

There's a lot of sadness out there, and some despair at the antics of our ruling class. Breaking through to the other side of midnight always takes a steady hand and some rationalizations. Hey, rationalizations are "rational". You don't want your platoon leader to tell you that today is the day you die. You want him to say, "not today, not here". Some of this is pertinent, some not.

Unknowns Will Govern Our Future

This is important. The guaranteed fuc*-up of liberalism is due to at least three interlocking processes. [A] Political Liberalism is positivistic, based on ignorant and juvenile conclusions about cause and effect (their assumptions are based upon "knowledge" of people like themselves) [B] Rational actors, unlike liberals, always avoid or minimize the outcomes of Political Liberalism on themselves, and [C] Those who can't avoid the horrible outcomes of liberalism grow in number; to help them liberals start over at [A]. The cycle repeats and disaster ensues. It's the unknowns that matter most; to call this the doctrine of unintended consequences is wrong. It assumes that liberals understand what "unintended" means. They don't. This requres self-awareness as well as logic.

Somewhere, liberalism contracted the mechanistic germs of Marxism/socialism; Hegelian crap which poses that things can reliably be caused to happen, or will happen on their own if efficient or necessary cause is provided. Complex human organizations seldom respond in this way. Strangely enough, liberal thinking of the deep kind rejects the possibility of non-contextual understanding of anything, but that only applies to matters important to conservatives. At any rate, when you combine liberalism's retreat from the real world, with something like the next topic, the trouble starts...

ObamaCare Is In The Future

I'm hopeful. ObamaCare will die on the vine or become another burning plank on the barricades built to resist the lunatic forces of liberalism. I know that the flinty parts of ObamaCare grind immediately and the "benefits" commence in 2014, but that won't kill it in the public mind. The effect of rejection won't derive from the cause of tax pain or liberty-fear either, because the legacy media and the other propaganda arms of government, will santize their pile. They always do, but something else will happen. What? I don't know.

Remember this. The historical riddle we face is that, as the world has grown more complex, dangerous and broke, our ruling classes have become more stupid, insular, incompetent and fossilized in their mania to return to the past. This state of affairs always precedes a calamity.

Our movement through time is always governed by dramatic unknown-unknowns, good and bad - the arrival of the personal computer, the hot pants of Monica Lewinsky, The Twin Towers, the end of the Soviet Union, Barack Obama himself, or the appalling idea that James Taylor has talent.

History as conceived by historians like Doris Kearns Goodwin is bullshit. Their approach to history is the fictionalization of personality; the retrospective explanation of the obvious and magnification of the irrelevant. Prepare for chaos. You'll never go wrong if it's less. But, the bigger the government deed, the bigger the disaster, the more grandiose the personalities in charge are, the bigger the mass delusion, and the more impossible the promise, the more lurid the lie. Just don't despair. Some related thoughts...

The Opinion-Making Print Media Is Dead And Smelly

..And the influence of the syndicated columnists they employ. Even the known names in the syndicated liberalism of the "large" newspapers are the ring around the greasy old tub of oracular journalism - the place where a concerned citizen could go to feel smart, and where nobody of real intelligence or broad perspective can be found today. It's all reprints or recapped ideas from 1974 or earlier.

My old local newspaper is lighter than GI toilet paper. Where you used to find Reston or the Alsop brothers, or Buckley or Rowan you now find a keening local bureaucrat writing an unpaid-for summary of his memoirs at town hall, some small-town mayor promising Xanadu in the old downtown, or a school superintendent shilling for the latest money-cadging scheme from the NEA. The filler is library-purchases, what-happened-on-this-date, a novella obituary for Aunt Edna, an obituary/temple inscription for Grampa Marvin and the satirical Letters To The Editor. Today the Internet is the Agora. Newspapers are candle-lit celebrations of banality or gossip centers for liberals.

Revenge Fantasies For MSNBC Are Wasted

Forget them...Someone smart (I forget who) observed that Hell is not fire and pitchforks, it's watching yourself doing your despicable deeds for Eternity - like pulling the wings off flies, stabbing frogs with pins, cheating on your spouse, drunkenly importuning a mackerel or praising John Kerry in The Boston Globe, which is the worst of all. Imagine being Matthews or Olberman, or even Bill Maher, the three scumoisie of commentators. Those eye-rolling, slobbering fits of insane rage, that thundering, stinking, brown-water cataract of stupidity and hatred. The MSNBC Hellroom is down the hall from the James Carville wing. And though this seems to have little to do with the above...

Don Imus's Show Is A Cultural Graveyard

Why does Imus matter? Because if Imus devotes time to it, it's about to flat-line, zombiefy and eat your brain. I figured out his appeal to liberals in 1972. He's stupid, but that's just the first reason. More than that, his humor is based on the belittlement of the helpless, scorn for the culturally uncomplicated, and brutality for those with too much charity in their souls to fight back. This has been progressivism's battle plan against the liberty and dignity of ordinary people since the early 20th-century, and explains much about their literature and movie-making.

Objectification of a person, of a people, precedes all the enormities practiced by mankind, from spousal and child abuse, on up to genocide. It's also why the liberal mind can't comprehend the motive of a Tea Partier without framing it as some kind of evil.

Imus is also a phony and pantywaist. His bold, cowboy proletarianism melts to goo when he fondles the sloppy parts of Frank Rich, Mike Lupaca, John Kerry, Chris Dodd or John McCain. If his guest is liberal, Imus "loves" the guest completely. If the guest is conservative, Imus "loves" the guest but the guest is "insane". Why Sean Hannity, who I don't like, or Mark Levin go on Imus's show is a mystery to me. The rest, I can understand.

That's all.


Teresa said...

What an outstanding post, Rhod!!

Your right. Liberals objectivize humans and that is why they look at cost effectivess with regards to health care via abortion, euthanasia, and death panels. They look for the "common good" which screws the individual. They don't care about morality and citizens' rights. They want to take as much power and control away from us as they can. We must reverse course and start taking our country back this November at the ballot box. God Bless :)

Rhod said...

Teresa, not entirely on your subject matter is this - my state, Connecticut, is dead last among 50 states on the matter of per capita debt, ahead of California and New Jersey and New York. It's $4500 per person. Idaho is something like $17 per capita.

The lib droolers in our legislature have just increased this year's budget by nearly a half billion dollars and last year implemented a state-funded universal health plan for residents, regardles of citizenship.

How do you conceptualize this? They're Democrats and they're liberals, not unlike the inmates of the asylum in DC. You have to wonder if it's dementia, or the brain-ravishing effects of some STD, or maybe inbreeding?

I don't know. They simply can't stop themselves, in spite of the facts of life. Voting them out may not be enough. Liberalism is madness.

Teresa said...

I actually wrote a post on liberalism and how its an amoebic disease. Yes, its madness. They just ain't right in the head. Was their brain replaced with mush at birth? Dropped at birth?

Voting would be included in the first couple steps. Then maybe, a true second revulution would be necessary. I hope not, but you never know. God has a plan. Maybe, this is in his plan to bring us something extra special? Who knows...

Anonymous said...

Cumma, cumma, cumma come on ... I'm your handy man.

James Taylor

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Rhod. I stand and applaud.

Hey, in the midst of all this depression and goo, you take us back to the objective reality that the opponents of liberty crash into over and over. Our hope is that we are, in fact, right.

The ongoing lab experiment that the Left is doing on America should ... and I believe will ... prompt people of goodwill to act and take their country back.

Thanks for the encouragement and the laughs, too. The swipe at JT was priceless.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Is it hope for us to be able to get our government back or are we just dreaming. It scares me and I am ashamed of our government. I love this country but ashamed of our government in sad

Christopher said...

Rhod, I believe you are spot-on.

Teresa, these are the points I am making about Palin. What she stood for has now disapated due to her alliegence to the machine. By supporting McCain she supports the systemic infiltration of socialism.

Teresa said...

Do you realize how much of a tough spot that Palin was in? I am sure that she supports most, if not all of Hayworth's ideas but she OWED McCain a huge debt for him bringing her to the national scene. She doesn't believe in big government. And, while I disagree with McCain's previous times that he crossed the aisle prior to his presidential run, he has been more of a conservative after the elections, even moreso than Lindsay Grahamnesty. I am not saying that McCain shouldn't be replaced but Palin had a duty to campaign for McCain at least a couple times since they were on the campaign trail together.

Christopher said...

Does loyalty trump Coservative priciples?

Teresa said...

Sarah's "loyalty" to McCain does not trump her conservatism. McCain in the past year or so has been living out the conservative principles. Should we penalize people when they actually stand up for conservative principles? If you aren't going to be loyal to them when they are espousing conservative principles, then why should you ever be loyal to a politician? Or why should they listen us if they aren't going to be rewarded when they do follow conservative values?

WomanHonorThyself said...

I'm hopeful. ObamaCare will die on the vine or become another burning plank on the barricades built to resist the lunatic forces of liberalism...form your mouth to God's ears!!

Rhod said...


Taylor's stylistic genius with the brisk Jimmy Jones song turned it into the sounds of an elephant cage after a big meal of fruit and other carbos.

Lest we forge this one - is it a foreign language?

"Shah-werrrr thee peeeep-uhl yooo luv with luv, sho them thee waaayy that yoooo fee-uhl, things are gonna beee much bettt-errr and yoooo know they weee-uhl."

My God, it's beautiful...

Rhod said...

DC, the swipe at JT was less than he deserved. Taylor is from Massachusetts (" was the Turnpike from Stockbridge to Boston..") and does his thing around here a lot.

Ad footage of his next concert always features the same kind of audience. Glazed, coiffed and tanned fifty-somethings.

Anyway, in spite of their incomprehensible acceptance of Taylor as a talent, and I assume their excitement over Obama, the skinny folk-rock, pop, balladeer hasn't sung yet.

Rhod said...

Grandma Maggie, I would love you for that name even if you voted long as you make a good cookie.

Don't worry. FDR was followed by Reagan. America always reasserts itself. As Glen Reynolds said (I think), "There's nothing verifiably elite about our elites". If they were so smart they wouldn't be so stupid.

Rhod said...

You're persuasive on Palin, Teresa, but sometimes you have to take in some sail or hit the rocks. Supporting McCain will compromise Palin with a lot of her supporters and give the left a few laughs too. The price is too high, but we don't have to agree.
That's why we're conservatives.

Anonymous said...

Yet another lesson at the feet of the master. Rhod, can you imagine how quickly the Obama mob would crumble under the constant hammering of an independent MSM?

Alas, our print and electronic gliteratti-literati continue to masturbate in the front window while the house is repossessed. As Obama said about Talk Radio and Conservative bloggers... "We are the ones we've been waiting for"

Rhod said...

Nick, David Gregory is doing it on the front lawn to avoid the movers. Boy, is he going to town with that photo of Robert Gibbs!

How true. The Press is in the education business in a free society. Being, for the most part, lib J-School dummies, induction and deduction and curiosity about information play no part in their world.

sig94 said...

Rhod - "Fondling Sloppy Parts" is right out of the liberals' handbook, located between "Licking the Puckered Posteriors of Morally Bankrupt Petty Tyrants" and "Tripping Over the Bodies of Those Slain By Governments Receiving the Progressive Seal of Approval."

Rhod said...

Sig, good suggestions for the subtitles of Frank Rich's next two columns.

By the way, Rich, the Manchurian Journalist, says we're racists. Obama flipped him a playing card, the black Jack, and Rich went on automatic.

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