March 29, 2010

Liberals Learn To Love Iranian Nukes

GNN - You know how many words one picture is worth. Netanyahu take notice. Obama is not your friend....


Anonymous said...

Obama may think that bullying Israel will result in some mish-mash of a "peace" agreement with radical Islam.

In fact, Obama's behavior may force Israel to solve the Iran crisis on its own. Israel has certainly discovered that there no allies in the present political climate.

Rhod said...

Obama absorbed the politics of his mom, his mentors, his white lib "educators" and Jeremiah Wright like a greasy rag, and some of the stains are wholesale acceptance of the Palestinian "cause" and contempt for Jews/Israel.

Maybe I've said it too many times, but the freaking buffoon never, ever, had a doubt about the ideological offal that was stuffed dowon his throat. If we could see his transcripts and expose his extra-curricular performance in school, we'd find the facts of mediocrity.

The fool has no foreign policy, only prejudices.

JN Kish said...

It is time to cut out the middleman (Iran) and deal with the source of the problem- China and Russia. But no one with acumen can expect any correct moves out of this administration. I just pray that the U.S. can hold on long enough to throw these losers out of office- and reverse the damage they have done. I fear it will take an act of God.
Iran and the Elephant in the Room

Anonymous said...

Israel is now the center of strength and independence on this planet.

(L) said...


I feel you are right on target when you say it will probably be Israel who will have to save their own skin. The bunch of Socialist A**Holes Islamic lovers in DC are obviously supporters of the Palestinians instead of our only true alies in the middle east! This was quite evident with the way Netanyahu was treated by both Sec.Clinton and BO.

It will be a sad day for America when we don't back our friends in Israel!

Lock & Load!!!

Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

Arby said...

Ditto Zio Rico

Michael said...

I can agree with your statement, "In fact, Obama's behavior may force Israel to solve the Iran crisis on its own. Israel has certainly discovered that there no allies in the present political climate." However, it's a dangerous situation for our friends Israel. Last year, top level Obama officials suggested that the Obama administration is considering shooting down Israel's aircraft over Iraq that are headed to Iran's nuclear plants. Although, it’s another Obama bluff – just like they all are in his foreign policy. Go Israel !!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Obama and Co. have purposely distanced themselves from Israel to create space and plausible deniability for when the Israelis might strike Iran.

For many reasons, it is not practical for us to do it at this point. I know what you all are thinking. I agree, too, that Obama has no love for Israel. The left has this thing with the Israelis going deep down in their black, postmodern souls.

But consider this ... Obama needs for their to be little or no foreign policy distractions as he "remakes" our economy and society. He views foreign affairs as nuisances that distract from the hard but necessary work of "spreading the wealth around."

Thus, he has quietly been waging the drone campaign over Pakistan and Afghanistan that has killed so many civilians. Can you imagine if Pres. Bush had done this? Incredible. Where is the left? My bad ... that would require a conscience to note the incongruity.

Obama is a realist in the sense that he knows that a major terrorist strike on the U.S. or a setback in Afghanistan would derail what he is trying to do. Right now, he might need Israel to do the dirty work.


Israel is the only country left with a real government and a real leader.

LL said...

Obama has VERY LITTLE stock overseas. He had credibility with Europeans going into his presidency but six months later, that had been spent. He had dubious credibility with the Chinese going in, but is at a strong negative there, in Russia, in Britain, in France. Our allies think he's a goof and so do our enemies.

I can't credit his foreign policy decisions as being based on sound rationality and an understanding of other peoples or their motivations.

The_Kid said...

Love the clown image.

Starsplash said...

When I was in grade school my mom took me to a shrink to find out why I was smackin the --ih out of so many of my classmates.

I got a clean mental bill of health. According to the phychoanalyst my actions were justified. In other words my classmates should have not bee such smart mouths.

Any way I remember so well the ink blot test. I saw only butterflies and ballerina dancers. Lol.

Nice rendering of Bozo The Clown.