June 3, 2010

Chris Christie in 2012


Anonymous said...

CHRIS CHRISTIE 2012, the only cure the the Obama (liberal, union) ills

Anonymous said...

This guy is sorely needed in NJ and the country. It's the liberals and theiur corrupt unions that are ruining this country. I agree, I would like to see Chris Christie in the WH as POTUS in 2012.

Opus #6 said...

Christie is refreshingly honest. But you won't see those words in the LSM.

Anonymous said...

Questo tizio รจ assolutamente necessario in New Jersey e nel paese. E 'liberali e theiur sindacati corrotti che stanno rovinando questo paese. Sono d'accordo, vorrei vedere Chris Christie nel come nelhuo.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I have my eye on two of them. Chris Christie or Paul Ryan would make me equally happy if either one would run.

lady di said...

We need more men like Mr. Christie to come forward if we are to save our nation from the slid downward into socialism.

The Conservative Lady said...

As a person who spends the summer in NJ, owns property there and is a former NJ resident, I am extremely happy that Chris Cristie is now governor. I hope he is successful in turning that state around.
We need more leaders like him.

Christopher said...

Ah, how the list of potentials grows;

and possibly every conservative candidate from the Great State of Alabama, they sure know how to rais'em there.

MikeGSP said...

So, a tax-raising, Obamacare supporting governor is who you think belongs on the Republican ticket in 2012? Why? Because he's good for a sound bite and putting a reporter in his place?
How about looking at his record and what he's actually doing in NJ instead of trying to make him into an Obama-esque rock star?

The_Kid said...

I made my comment to the next post before I watched this video.

"Everything you need to know you learned in Kindergarten".


LL said...

MikeGSP- Before he became governor, Mr. Christie was United States Attorney for the District of New Jersey. He has NEVER been pro-Obamacare. Where did you come up with that?

38% of the New Jersey budget goes to service an unsustainable debt racked up by a decade of Democratic Party waste and pork. He's doing what the next US president should do - impose budget cuts across the board and reign in spending.

(L) said...


Gov. Christie is exactly what we need in every State Capitol in this country!

I think MikeGSP needs to stop drinking the koolaid! How on earth could the man that just gave that speech agree with anything BO has or ever will say!

Lock & Load!!!

Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

Karen said...

This nation needs Chris Cristie in the White House in 2012.