October 31, 2010

Conservatives Make Good Teammates and Fight to Win

"... We shall fight them on the beaches. We shall fight them on the landing grounds. We shall fight in the fields and in the streets. We shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender ... "

-- Winston Churchill, 1940
One thing that has been interesting and inspiring to watch in this campaign season is how Tea Party types (read: conservatives) have gotten after their opponents and unapologetically campaigned as who they are.

It's been rough and tumble out there, per usual. But look at what this new wave of candidates has done. They are showing us the way.

In Kentucky, Rand Paul smacked down his Demo opponent for dealing the religion card (of all things for a Demo) and trying to argue that one's college days now disqualify one for office. I thought Obama ended all of that. Paul said his opponent is without shame and honor. Bravo.

In Delaware, Christine O'Donnell took down Mike Castle and the Republican establishment (the same types who used to say Reagan would have a tough time winning an election, you know), and she's fought bravely against the vilest of personal attacks. She called her opponent out on the Establishment Clause. Few politicians know this well enough to argue it; fewer still have the guts to make the case, as O'Donnell did.

In Florida, Marco Rubio has run a brilliant campaign against Charlie Crist and his cronies. Rubio has weathered attacks and used a little Reaganesque humor at his debate -- poking fun at Crist for being a "heckler." He has taken the fight to the opposition with clarity and with zeal. He is going to win Tuesday, and I will be tickled ... and the nation will be better off.

In Alaska, Joe Miller took down the Murkowski machine, and then faced wheelbarrows of defication from Murky and company, as well as a write-in campaign. When Murkowski won a ruling from the Alaska Supreme Court that required lists of write-in candidates to be available at the polls, Miller and his allies encouraged many more write-ins to join the parade, drowning out the Murkowsky message. Fantastic.

Then there's Ruth McClung, the 28-year-old rocket scientist taking on her veteran Demo opponent and the SEIU maching in AZ. Ruth is another outspoken person of faith. She is just tremendous.

In Massachusetts, Sean Bielat has used a consistent conservative message, charm, a lot of smiles, and a pile of wit to get after Barney Frank. Meanwhile, Frank calls for help from every Demo imaginable. Massachusetts. Massachusetts, folks.

And Col. Allan West in Florida ... I love this guy. He is taking the fight to the left in Palm Beach, with purpose and a smile.

It's a beautiful thing to watch.

You know, when conservatives lose primaries, they are disappointed. But they generally join the team, fight to win this election and the next primary. When RINO's/establishment types lose, they make third-party and write-in runs.

I think conservatives are better fighters and teammates. The two are related.

And let's remember that the Great Communicator himself knew a little about fighting to win as a conservative. Check out this clip:

Now, go fight in a manner worthy of our ideals. And pray.

We will never surrender.

Tuesday is coming.


Hoping the Blind Will See said...

Formerly of Massachusetts, and despising Barney Fief, er Frank, I am watching this race intently. Currently a Floridian, I have been suporting Marco Rubio for over a year and a half. I found out about Allan West only five months ago, and although I am not in his district, I have watched his campaign avidly. In my opinion, he is the real deal. Actually, so is Rubio. And Scott for Governor down here isn't too shabby either! Say goodbye to Alan Grayson. Now if we could just get rid of Wasserman...

Anonymous said...

One at a time, Hoping. Hang tough.

christian soldier said...

I love it when our side plays hard ball-and - are not PC 'nice'.
Reagan played hard ball and is an example to us in the US - today!

Anonymous said...

Hey, President Huddein... We paid for this freedom!

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed, Nick.

And Carol, exactly. A good sense of conservative values leads one to understand that there is indeed a time for war and a time for peace ... and to recognize the players that let us know what time it is.

Reagan is a model in many ways. New ones are coming.

Anonymous said...


Nice work on the edits and the photo of my hero. But ... I object to the Rangers avatar on the most excellent Music Festival below. There are no Lyle Lovett songs in there. Geez.

Anonymous said...

DC... The Rangers logo is inevitable. Be the wave.

Opus #6 said...

We've come a long way in 2 years.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Opie. We sure have. Just wait ...

Nick, put up an Astros logo as a counter-balance to the Strangers or I will go on strike.

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed, Nick.

And Carol, exactly. A good sense of conservative values leads one to understand that there is indeed a time for war and a time for peace ... and to recognize the players that let us know what time it is.

Reagan is a model in many ways. New ones are coming.

The_Kid said...

I can see Tuesday from my house.

Anonymous said...

I've bowed to the pressure, DC. I've replaced the offending logo with a snapshot from that photo album on the top shelf of your guest room closet, right next to that dusty pair of patent leather shoes.

You seem to have unusually tiny feet. My first thought was that I had unearthed a long-lost pair of Baby Rose Marie's mary janes.

Doom said...

Well, something is happening. Time will tell what exactly is emerging. It looks good, but uhm, just... call me cautious. To be honest, I am not sure this is enough. I hope, though. I was worried that this would, their fault, our fault, no one's fault (technically) end up as more than a voting thing. It still might. Time will tell.