October 31, 2010

DC's Music Festival Offers Up a Big Pick-Me-Up with a Round-Tripper

This Halloween Eve, we wind down DC's Pre-Election Music Fest and Stress Relief, Thank You Very Much ...

This evening, we have a round-tripper ... verily, a four-bagger.

I have decided to go back in time to bring some of our elderly readers "into the mix," so to speak. I am thinking they will have heard a couple of these songs, at least the two that are over a half-century old.

Tonight, I am pulling from the vault some great tunes to provide a pick-me-up and and a spring in the ol' step ... even old steps. Yes, it's true.

First, I start with this ... a "midnight confession" on this Halloween Eve, if you will. I like this simple old song, including the Herman-Munsteresque organ:

Where are the horns, by the way? Off stage? But I digress ... Grass roots ... that's how they say both "Tea Party" and "foundation of California's bumper crop" a half century later. Wow, and the song still sounds good.

Fast forward about 30 years, to the 90's ... ah, the decade of Clinton. In the midst of that perplexing and often-maddening decade, the following song was destined to become the theme song of a talk radio host who would turn rightward in the following decade. His name is Dennis Miller. So, we persevere, keep smiling and press on. Take a listen:

Next, for those of us who have been "up tight" about the state of the nation, let's travel back in time to when it was good to be uptight ... and out of sight.

Everything is alright, folks ... Here is a pretty good remix of a Motown classic.

Finally, perspective. Always good to keep it all in perspective. For instance, you could be stuck with a mullet and a guitar player who looks like Rand Paul. But seriously ...


Anacondaman said...
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sig94 said...

Goomba tried to sell his old ruffled shirts on Craigslist. The sequins scared off alot of interested buyers.

That second song - years ago I think I beat up a young kid in the next apartment who was playing it too loudly.

Motown - About a month before we were married, I hired an intervention team to take my fiancee and cure her addiction.

And finally, "Irishmen and Mullets - Keep Off The Grass."

DC said...

Sig, I think you missed the point of these posts ... and these songs.