November 26, 2010

Tech Support - GI Style

Here's how to manifest your displeasure when customer support does not meet your expectations.

I wish I could do the same sometimes - don't you?

I personally have had it with the crap that passes for HP printers. I have purchased about forty HP laserjet printers in the past but I refuse to buy anything else from HP. Twenty years ago they were the best. The HP 5's had to be put down, they just wouldn't quit. Sadly, that is no longer the case.

But here at GNN we strive to be fair because Nickie's insurance company booted his professional liability policy after his "John Edwards Extraterrestrial Baby Daddy!!" story. So here's HP's response to this video:

This video was originally sent to HP directly in 2006. HP resolved the issue to the customer's satisfaction more than four years ago. HP also instituted a "no questions asked" technical support policy for all active duty soldiers and provides phone support at no charge even if the product is out of warranty. This policy remains in place today.


CEO Customer Relations


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

EVERYONE ! if you have a Facebook account, let's meet Trestin at 8:00 AM PST (11:00 EST) Saturday morning for a chat. He'll be there ... it's been arranged.

The_Kid said...

That's Beautiful.

Re: Trestin
Trestin/Woodie. Sadly I have not yet been Assimilated into the Facebook/Myspace collective. I will miss your chat.

WoFat said...

I would guess that it's hard to get a printer fixed in Downtown Nowhere.

Doom said...

Good to hear it is not just me. I am not sure why HP died, as a solid company, but from computers to printers, they are done. Sad, really. I like the fine military manner of properly dealing with said product as well. It is good to know our boys are on top of these things. That is all.


Anonymous said...

hp=planned obsolescence.

sig94 said...

HP must have realized the PR disaster presented by that video. It is nice to know that our troops are assisted out in the field, but that doesn't rescue them for crappy products at home. I am writing this on an HP laptop where the display is starting to go. I purchased another one at the same time for my daughter and she has had nothing but problems with it, even with a two year warranty I bought for her.

The_Kid said...

Sig, Good info. I was about to buy an HP laptop for my wife. Looks like I'll try Dell or Acer or some other.

Doom said...

Dell is still good, last I heard, but it is very anti-gun. So, I won't buy from them. (They pulled a sales to a gun dealer because the term "gun" was in his email name. They didn't bother to ask him about it or anything, just canceled the order. Wouldn't reinstate it when he called and asked and they learned he owned a gun shop either.) Anywhile.

I have a long memory with things like this.