December 22, 2010


Retiring Moderate Senator Arlen Specter

GNN - Only occasionally (like Arlen Specter) do we take an ideological stance here at GNN. But I'll do it now, in the case of Senator Arlen Specter, and his self-justifying retirment speech on the Senate floor last night. Specter said that his speech would be his "closing argument" for his grandiosity, and went on to prove the axiom that self-interest causes the private sector to succeed, and guarantees that the public sector will fail.

Thinly disguising himself as an honest man, Specter threw together a defense of his permanent treachery to all sides of the political arguments of the past 30 years. Having properly earned the loathing of almost everyone in both parties, Specter went on to cite their contempt as proof of his own virtue. He closes his career the way he lived it: As a truly impressive and shameless revisionist and liar.

Specter is also hallucinating when he describes himself as a moderate. In his fictional taxonomy of the House and Senate, "Moderates" are always at the summit of the classifications, with liberals below them, followed by Democrats. pages, janitors, crack whores, Republicans, conservatives and Tea Partiers.

Specter absorbed these loony prejudices so deeply - and for so long - that he conjures a lost Senate where everyone was like Himself. Now he whines that "...the days of lively debate [and civility] are gone" but can't notice that moderates, if such creatures even exist, don't, by definition, engage in lively debate, or that he was one of the most partisan and ugly hacks for his own advancement in a Senate famous for that brand of buffoon. He's an artist at the synthesis of lies, fallcy and self-delusion, and we're happy to see him gone.

Apparently he's writing a book, probably about himself, which is a guaranteed remainder. Why not? He was remaindered from the new post-Reid and post-Obama world of revulsion with the political class. Beat it, you bum. You make me sick.


sig94 said...

Rhod - wonderful photo of a crap weasel. Is that carcass stored at the Smithstonian? Unfortunately your delivery of illustrative invective is lost on the likes of such creatures. It is better applied with a cat o' nine tails or a bucket of hot tar.

Silverfiddle said...

So long Senator Sphincter!

I'll miss the Glenn Beck show's parodies of him...

Rhod said...

Sig, whattaya mean? That's Specter, isn't it?

Silver, that's the only downside.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Rhod, stop sugar coating it and tell us how you really feel about him.

I personally can find NO redeeming characteristics of that piece of crap!

Rhod said...

Odie, on good authority I have it that he doesn't smell bad. That's something!

Nickie Goomba said...

Rhod, I was concerned there for a moment. Thank you for maintaining the GNN policy of never (or hardly ever) taking an ideological stance.

Arlo Spector has been to the American Dream what Sam Kinison was to the NFL. Expect his grandchildren to kill him in his sleep.

DC said...

Nick, he will outlive them all. It's a law of the universe.

Yes, we will miss ol' Arlen. He was fantastic last year during the town halls. He was just bamboozled by it all and would talk down to the peasants and get a bunch of pitchforks shaken back at him.

We traded Toomey for Specter. Good trade.

Now, for old times, though, I want to point out that Arlen's cross-examination of Anita Hill was a thing of beauty, back in the day. He is one of the few sharks up there who has actually sharked. And his cadence and content were key in showing that she was lying. That's one thing I will always appreciate about him ... plus, his clueless aristrocatic ways at the Bastille, er, townhalls of 2010.

The_Kid said...

Hear Hear. Btw, Civility has been redefined as agreeing with democrat communists.

If you don't agree, you're not being civil.

May many more Specter's hit the road in a couple years as well. As in probably 95% of the republican party in the Senate and however many are not tea party in the house.

Also let it be known that John Boehner was not at the sessions to vote No to this lame duck screwing we all got. I'm not impressed.

They Say/We Say said...

There's a hundered of them. 2 are gone this year that made a lot of scams all the while courting the voters(of their home state), would have been re-elected if not for the show put on, truly exposing where his head was at; and taken to the grave-the long reign of a sorcerer.
Out of the 98 left if 6 or more are true statesmen it will be a tough way to tread.
If the new Senate does not stand up to the U.N. then there will be a tax on everyone of us for the Internet usury collected by the U.N.

christian soldier said...

TK and TS/WS -have stated my take - so- I won't have to--
I am glad that AS_ has delivered his 'swan's song' speech and will no longer be in the Senate to betray us in the US...

Rhod said...

Nick, all the news that fits.

It's hard to tell when Specter is lying or breathing, DC. His cheeks and lips jiggle just the same.