December 23, 2010

Rhod! Sig94! DC! Our daily staff meetings, from now on, will be held in the Conference Room. We will all miss the bottomless bowl of potato salad.

My weekly copy of Hotel Chatter arrived in
the mailbox this morning, and it contained
a lead story sure to catch the attention of every
Goomba News Network journalist.

We're not the biggest fans of hotel buffets as we prefer the privacy and pampering of in-room dining (when we can afford it!) but this latest scare tactic news has given us yet another reason to be wary of the all-you-can-eat spreads at hotels and resorts.

Apparently, terrorists were targeting the buffets and salad bars of U.S. hotels for food poisoning and a very deadly kind of poisoning too.
A plan to put poisons such as ricin and cyanide into buffets and salad bars was exposed earlier this year, CBS News reported, adding that Homeland Security officials have held meetings with the Agriculture Department and representatives for the hotel and restaurant industries.


Anonymous said...

I'll miss the giant tray of sausage-stuffed mushrooms.

Wetzy said...

You can use the conference room. If anybody wants to reach me I will be at General Lee's Peking Buffet Paradise. I'll be over by the steamed pork buns.

Anonymous said...

This news couldn't have come at a worse time. They're about to open an all-you-can-eat Turkish restaurant next door... The Ottoman Empire.

Anonymous said...

My favorite is a Pakistani Buffet called Jewel in the Passage. But the last few times I went there the terrorists were three deep at the sneeze guards.

I wish Roy Rogers Chicken had a buffet. No Terrorist would screw with Roy Rogers.

Teresa said...

I love our local Chinese buffet.

I suspect that Mee-chelle, the controller of food had something to do with this.

christian soldier said...

Thanks for the heads up-

Rhod said...

This outrage makes me Sikh.

Zio, Janet Napolitano is personally bishop-frisking the produce vendors at her local Sonic Hedgehog and Long John Silver's. Roy is next.

Ya know, that radish minarette I ate at Charlie Brown's Steakhouse in Fishkill looked a little suspicious.

Nick, I won't be in Monday.

sig94 said...

And to think that Goomba's corporate CPA's, Cheep & Scate, Inc., gave me all that grief for ordering ala carte when I had dinner in Altantic City.

Their motto:
Do not stray
Far from the buffet
Else we may
Refuse to defray
The cost of your souffle .

banned said...

Just finished watching series four of the BBC "Spooks" and this 'poison the eat all you like buffetts' outrage was not included in any of the plots that our boys and girls at MI5 smashed.
No doubt they and the CIA work very hard combatting terrorism but 'they' have so many colourful and varied ways of harming us that the fact that they don't leads me to suppose that the 'terrorists' are a greatly exagerated bunch of tossers and losers.

Rhod said...

Sig, that dinner you had in Atlantic City started with the dessert cart, rampaged through the city's sea food supply and ended with all the red meats in New Jersey; the a la carte part was insignificant.

It's not called an Expensive Account.

Rhod said...

Banned, spot on. How will they disperse ricin w/o killing themselves, or any other toxin?

LL said...

If ham, bacon, pork chops, sausage and all manner of unclean foods are available, they won't be able to enter the polluted room to poison the buffet.

Which harkens back to the notion of opening a pig abattoir next door to the Ground Zero Victory Mosque in the spirit of true diversity.

sig94 said...


Anonymous said...

I'm with Banned on this one.

In any event, I am sure the ferocious Teletubby at the airports will protect us.