January 22, 2011

Frag Grenade

The OLD Chrissie Matthews

The NEW Christine Matthews


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Tingle down the old leg until he finds a tall building somewhere.

Dwrek said...

Ya its like on that movie Weather Man.

Anonymous said...

I am getting that late 80's feeling before the Soviets cracked up, Rhod. Seemed like the struggle was interminable and the media said all was lost, our side was crazy, up against it, etc..

The problems of Chris Matthews and his pals are real. The wall will come down.

Rhod said...

DC, I agree. Time has passed them by; they're very confused and angry about the facts. Silly men like Matthews didn't just live in the 60's, they internalized them.

Matthews, for instance, is more obsessed with Vietnam than vets. He's very weak, and unable to deal with his irrelevance.

Anonymous said...

He's a tragic figure... a Pagliacci with better make-up.