February 27, 2011

Bloody Mexico: a novel of Cartel Wars

Our good friend and blogging buddy, LL, has popped out another novel. His first one was good, but he promises that this one will have many fewer cotillions and angst-filled Victorian matrons. Here's the Amazon blurb:
In dystopian México, the absence of a just and moral government has led to a vacuum where evil runs virtually unchecked. Society festers where an underground empire rules a land in self-destruct mode. Rampant corruption at all levels thrives in an environment where many compromise their principles and their virtue for narco-money.
- Retired CIA Case Officer Gary Granger is headed back to Bloody México, where he will find improbable love and will risk everything.-Santiago Iglesias-Aznar is planning to take the narco war to the United States to suit his own ends and he doesn't care how many people will die in the process.
-Lance Parkyn left the US Marine Corps and now he teaches people to hit the targets they're aiming at. The law of unintended consequences is about to take over his life.
Now, go out and buy this artist's books or he's gonna have to go out and get a normal 9-5 job.

Click HERE to purchase LL's first bodice-ripper.


Wetzy said...

Bloggers are not journalists. They are authors and L.L. is one of the best.

Anonymous said...

He's like Hemingway but with better hair.

Opus #6 said...

LL is in a unique position to know and write about the harrowing adventures taking place just south of our border.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Is the English version out yet?

WoFat said...

LL has been a splendid writer in the past and I see no change in his ability. He is writing about a subject with which he is very knowledgeable.

When reading his novel, WHITE POWDER, the scene of which is Laos, one can smell the streets as one reads.

Anonymous said...

These will be my birthday gifts to myself.