April 30, 2011

The Undercurrent

It didn't take long to be wrenched back into reality.

Pemf, but... what a load of bastards.


banned said...

How about the pre-emptive arrest of Charlie Veitch, peaceful video blogger.

Love Police Arrested "just in case"

Goodnight Vienna said...

I already blogged about that as well - don't you read my blog any more?

banned said...

Yes I do, I've just come from there but I did not see this footage of the actual arrest at your place.

Further on that page is Charlies Youtube rant against The Wedding that appears to be the 'evidence' for his arrest for Conspiracy and which links nicely to the events in Soho Square.

Kid said...

Well, I really don't know what I've seen here. One heck of a load of cops, plus some special situation guys taking one guy away. Terrorist? Immediate danger? Something else entirely? I have no idea. Maybe I'm missing something.

I guess if nothing comes up in regards to the guy's arrest or disposition, the video will come in handy though so great on that.