June 14, 2011

Beauty And The Near Deceased

Not that I really give a hoot, but why was this man, who is 85 years old, going to marry a woman 60 years his junior when he could drive the car, so to speak, without leasing or buying it? Or for that matter, why would a beautiful 25 year old woman want to mar... Uhhhh, never mind.

From the Daily Mail:

  • Crystal Harris reportedly dating Dr. Phil's son Jordan McGraw

  • 300 guests were invited to the nuptials at the Playboy Mansion

  • Hef, 85, tweeted that Crystal 'had a change of heart'

  • Hugh Hefner is going to be a free and single Playboy for a bit longer.

    Less than two weeks ago after he and fiancée Crystal Harris put on a public display of love and affection at the new Playboy Club in London, the couple have called off their wedding.

    The weekend nuptials have been cancelled after they reportedly had a huge argument.
    After the dust settled Crystal moved out of the Playboy mansion on Sunday night.
    Apparently Hugh accused Crystal of hiding his teeth and the Viagra.

    AND while we're on the subject of idiots, why did Martin oops! Charlie Sheen leave his gorgeous wife and two beautiful daughters to shack up with a babysitter and a porn actress?

    Okay, I'm done with this crowd. Back to mainstream media madness, sleazy pols, and crazy dictators.

    h/t IOTW

    And who's your favorite Weiner?

    5. The Emperor Nero. In A.D. 59 he murdered his mother and in A.D. 62, his wife Octavia. He later married Poppaea. When half of Rome was burned in a fire (A.D. 64), Nero accused the Christians of starting it and began the first Roman persecution. In A.D. 65 there was a plot to make Caius Calpurnius Piso emperor. The detection of this plot began a string of violent deaths, e.g., of Seneca, Lucan, and Thrasea Paetus. Nero had ambitions to be a poet and artist. In A.D. 68 a series of revolts, including one by his own Praetorian Guard, caused him to commit suicide. Among his last words were, “What an artist the world is losing in me!” His memory was publicly execrated.

    4. Maximillien Robespierre. Robespierre was the mastermind of the Reign of Terror (1793–1794), the dark underside of the French Revolution that perverted its lofty ideals of democracy with fanaticism and inhumanity. Robespierre, leader of the infamous Committee of Public Safety, turned France into a police state, sending "enemies of the nation" to the guillotine without benefit of a public trial or legal representation. About 40,000 French men and women were executed or died in prison, and another 300,000 were imprisoned. Only Robespierre's own beheading ended the slaughter.

    3. Ivan the Terrible. On January 16, 1547, Ivan became the first czar of Russia, ruling until 1584. His early reign was primarily spent in battle in an effort to expand Russian land. His tyrannical cruelty only developed later in life, when he turned increasingly paranoid and vindictive—historians suspect mental instability. In 1570, Ivan formed a troop of personal bodyguards called oprichniki, who answered only to him and became the vehicle for massacring his perceived enemies over a seven-year period (1565–1572). The landed gentry was Ivan's particular nemesis, and he unleashed his oprichniki upon thousands of them. He was equally guilty of domestic violence, killing his son and heir, Ivan, in a state of fury, as well as several of his wives—he is believed to have had seven of them.

    2. Joseph Stalin. Totalitarian leader of the U.S.S.R. from 1929–53, Stalin crushed the Soviet peoples with his megalomania and repressive version of communism. His adopted name meant "man of steel," and the term Stalinism has become the definition of a cruel, draconian socialism. He sent millions of Soviets not conforming to the Stalinist ideal to forced-labor camps, and he persecuted his country's vast number of ethnic groups—reserving particular vitriol for Jews and Ukranians. Soviet historian Roy Medvedev estimated that about 20 million died from starvation, executions, forced collectivization, and life in the labor camps under Stalin's rule. Another 20 million survived imprisonment and deportation.

    1. Adolf Hitler. History's most chilling tyrant, Hitler controlled Germany from 1933–45. His fascist maneuverings for world domination, his dream of a Teutonic master race subjugating all non-Germanic peoples, led to a criminality unmatched by any leader this millennium. Responsible for the genocide of six million Jews, the slaughter of Gypsies, Slavs, homosexuals, Communists, and other "undesirables" and "decadents," as well as the invasion of Europe and the preposterous ambition to rule the world, Hitler defies any more sophisticated explanation than categorical evil.


    Kid said...

    Hey Sig, Hef has had one hell of a life. That might just be my reincarnation pick.

    Did you mean charlie sheen. Denise Richards(wowsa). And she's a nice girl. Yea, look up Freakin Idiot and there he is every time.

    sig94 said...

    Kid - oops - yeah Charles "Dumbass" Sheen. Drop his beautiful family for a posse of white trash losers - Schwinning!

    Subvet said...

    Sig94, your list of uberbaddies missed Mao. He easily beats out both Hitler & Stalin for body counts, cruelty, cult of personality. As an added "Eeewwww" he was known to never brush his teeth. At least "Uncle Joe" & Adolf had some sense of personal hygiene.

    As for Hugh, maybe Crystal discovered waking up next to a human wrinkle wasn't worth the moola.

    sig94 said...

    Subvet -you're right. Mao probably tops the list at an estimated 60 million dead.

    Andy said...

    A true trinity of evil... Mao, Stalin, and Hitler. Sometimes I wonder just how Dante would have treated them had he written his Divine Comedy at the end of the 20th Century?