June 16, 2011

Thanks, Andy!

Weiner is gone. A hearty thanks is due to to Andrew Breitbart for breaking the story and tenaciously hanging on to it. From the National Journal:

Rep. Anthony Weiner’s decision to resign brings a scandal that consumed Washington for several weeks to an end—and no one benefited from it more than controversial conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart.

Breitbart, who first publicized the lewd photo that Weiner accidentally sent on his Twitter feed, achieved a measure of redemption from the episode—after being marginalized in the mainstream media for releasing videos maligning liberal figures and organizations that were misleadingly edited.

At Weiner’s first press conference on June 6 where he confessed to sending the photo, Breitbart declared, “I’m here for some vindication.” He received an apology from Weiner, but what Breitbart was looking for was vindication from his peers.

Now Breitbart is watching his credibility rise thanks to Weiner’s misdeeds. He provided the primary source material that made the story one of the most heavily covered on the cable newscasts over the past several weeks. He shared some of the more compromising pictures with a mainstream media organization (ABC), which ran with the story.

“One of the reasons I went to ABC, believe it or not, was to take this out of the partisan rancor realm,” Breitbart said in an interview with The New York Times.

On the other hand, he held back juicy information as insurance in case he needed to defend himself. "You know, I'm not thinking of it that way, but I certainly have it in my possession,” Breitbart told NBC’s Today, on the explicit photo of Weiner. “I guarantee you he would use this against me and the people on the left side of the blogosphere would have used this against me. I could have put it out there and his career would have been over today.”


Anonymous said...

It is a good start.

WoFat said...

Way to go Andy. Need to be done to more anal-retentive, self appreciating demos.

Doom said...

While I must admit, though I agreed with (and of course believed) Breitbart, I really thought the whole thing was a waste of breathe. Now, I still think it was a distraction of sorts, but this time there was a payoff.

It also indicates the msm has lost it's stranglehold on "news". It indicates libertines are so fearful of their losses and realizing they are out of favor enough to... cut one of their own. They can't just do whatever they want anymore. One less Weiner in office means little, honestly. But the other things are vital. If I were a shark, I'd be heading in for the kill. I smell blood in that water.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Drudge and now Breitbart are to be feared by Washington if they do not clean-up their act, as both show no apprehension at revealing the true under belly of our government,

sig94 said...

FuzzyD - Yes, unfortunately w/r/t/ our gov't it seems like we're always "starting..." doesn't it?

sig94 said...

WoFat - It's a shame that Weiner will get free health care and collect a pension. This sorry little prick will be pulling a Pee Wee Herman and get caught with his hands in his own pants in a Manhattan cinema.

sig94 said...

Doom - I'm glad that he is gone for this reason; With a high profile job and a very high profile marriage to the good friend of another high profile politicalfamily this little prick is sending peepee shots to women he don't even know.

Just incredibly reckless behavior brought on by a severe personality disorder. This guy is nothing but a functioning f**k up.

We really need to get rid of this kind of government worker.

sig94 said...

Chris - Both do an admirable job.

Kid said...

People voted for this worthless gnat 7 freakin times.

sig94 said...

Kid - Gives you an idea of the level of voter in NYC, no?