June 10, 2011

US renews support for Argentina

On 7th June, the US was a signatory to the OAS declaration on the Falklands Islands, or, as the Obama administration prefers to call them, the Malvinas.

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So much for a UK/US relationship which we're told is not only "special" but "essential". Obama and his wife were only too happy to avail themselves of the lavish British hospitality shown to them on their recent State visit. Members of Parliament & journos fawned over him in an embarrassing spectacle after his speech in Westminster Hall - an honour given to few world leaders - each wanting to 'touch the hem of his garment'.

The Legislative Assembly of the Falkland Islands has responded to the OAS document:
“The people of the Falkland Islands have a right to self-determination, enshrined in international law.  We fully support the UK government’s current resolute position, which confirms that the issue of sovereignty is non-negotiable”.
I wonder what part of that Obama doesn't understand.

As for Cameron and the government's deliberate policy of trashing of our Armed Forces -   they are letting down all the brave hearts who currently serve.  Not one aircraft carrier do we have.  Our country has never been as weak in defence - I think you have to go back to the 17thC to find a comparable situation with such reduced financial resources and lack of equipment to support our troops.

It's ironic that this should happen one week before the 29th anniversary of the Argentinian surrender on 14th June 1982.

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Btw, I came across an interesting article, When Treason Becomes The Norm: Why The Proposition Nation, Not Islam, Is Our Primary Enemy, which you might like. It attempts to address the roots of the issues facing the people of the USA and Europe in contemporary politics. At the least, it's food for thought. Some of the language/views seem a little extreme but the fundamental reasoning behind our current predicament is sound.


sig94 said...

I was just reading about a plan where France and England may "share" an aircraft carrier. So, who gets to hold the keys?

WoFat said...

obama is a disaster. Maybe he'll share an aircraft carrier with Argentina.

Teresa said...

Obama needs to leave us alone and join the likes of Hugo in Venezuela. BO is a shameful disgrace.

Kid said...


Then again, the UN IS the most important useless, parasitic organization known to man, and should be heeded anytime noxious gas spews from it's halls.

Anonymous said...

Man, I wish Maggie were healthy enough to tear Obama a new one. I guess we'll have to do it instead.

Andy said...

Its clear that Mr. Sowerto has a pathological hatred for John Bull and our beloved cousins. I'm counting the days till the moving truck pulls up to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. RULE BRITANNIA

Andy said...
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Andy said...
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Andy said...

Sorry, somehow my previous comment managed to appear three times.