August 24, 2011

We Got Off Easy

From the Daily Caller:

Online Islamist: East Coast earthquake ‘Allah’s punishment on Americans’

After they finished cowering in fear, most Washingtonians scratched their heads over the unexpected earthquake that shook the city and much of the East Coast at 1:51 p.m. Tuesday. But one online Islamist says there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for the quake: It was a punishment from Allah.

According to a posting titled “Allah’s punishment on Americans” on the Shoumokh Al-Islam jihadi forum by someone writing under the name Abu Ibrahim, “Allah has struck New York and the capital city Washington by an earthquake as a punishment for their disbelief.”

“Such a little earthquake that measured 6.0 has terrified the tyrant American people and forced them to leave their houses and places of work,” Ibrahim continued. The posting was provided to The Daily Caller by The Middle East Media Research Institute, which reasonably noted that it doesn’t find Ibrahim’s rantings particularly important.

Gee, I thought He would have been a lot harder on the Washington crowd.

Maybe if O'Fuzznuts had been home rather than vacationing in Martha's Vineyard?


sig94 said...

I was in the office when that hit. I gotta admit, when the building started swaying for about 20-25 seconds I got a little nervous.

You Californicators gotta be nuts to put up with that all the time.

Gorges Smythe said...

My coworkers felt it at their desks, but I was hobbling back from the restroom and didn't even notice it. My world sort of waves and wobbles most of the time anyway.

sig94 said...

Gorges - people who were driving didn't feel it either. We've had a few shakes and wobbles over the years. One quake cracked the bricks on my house about 20 some odd years ago.

Of course I don't have an earthquake rider on my home insurance.

Doom said...

Considering the sh*tholes islamists live in, I don't think they should even be casting aspersions. When their young men feel lucky to find a goat because the old rich guys are buying up the pretty girls, and their mothers are as busy killing daughters before they are born as their husbands are beating them 'just 'cause', I don't think they have a hoof to stand on.

Just... some genteel thoughts... Well, as close as I get on the topic. And despite that I have some notion they might even be correct. *dark grins* Just because the Devil may be right does not give even him a hoof to stand on. Everything in it's place.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Makes me want to grab my berka and hard hat before I head out today.

The Watcher said...

Oh, please...if that's the best their moon-god can do...sheesh.

sig94 said...

Doom - a "score" is a score in any culture. Theirs do it for some alfalfa and a nice bowl of oats.

sig94 said...

Odie - makes me want to grab my AR15.

sig94 said...

Watcher - Their moon god is not the problem, we are the problem. Our politicians don;t have the 'nads to do what is needed.

The Watcher said...

No kidding, sig.